X Influencer Catturd Responds to Tucker Interview


Catturd responded to sitting down for an interview with Tucker:

Thank you to everyone who supports me. I was nervous AF when I was interviewed by Tucker. Put yourself in my shoes – I’ve never done a video interview in my life, and I was suddenly doing an interview, for an hour, with the number one interviewer in the world. So nerve-racking. Btw – Tucker was one of the most easy-going, down-to-earth dudes you’d ever wanna meet. His entire staff was unbelievable. Great people.

Catturd is a veteran, currently lives in Northwest Florida, and was a hippie for a while. He had a couple of failed marriages, had a stint with drugs, and then got a good job as an installer. When he started on X, he knew nothing about it.

He saw a picture of the cat and decided it was catturd. He went on social media because his arthritis makes playing the guitar difficult.

When he worked construction, the crews played Rush Limbaugh’s show. He agreed with everything Rush said and realized he wasn’t a hippie.

Catturd needed to do something – so he joined Twitter. After a few months, it just caught fire, and he doesn’t know why.

Tucker asked about the time Kinzinger started threatening his life. Catturd said Kinzinger is scary.

Financially, it’s totally changed his life with merchandise, a podcast, and ad shares. He bought a new truck for the first time recently.

The catturd was swatted three times, and lately, they have thrown beheaded cats over the gate. The police watch his property closely for him. he said if people on the Left annoy him, he mutes them. If he annoys the Left, “they try to kill me.”

He said he’s a Trump supporter.

Quote: “When you can convince your voters’ men can have babies, you have ’em.”

He said there’s no organic support for Haley, and “she’s the most dangerous candidate we have.” He went into her warmonger and brought up her demanding the names of anonymous people on social media. Americans don’t talk like Haley or Pence — they’re programmed. Catturd said everything they say is planned, and Trump doesn’t do that. If the election was fair, Trump would run away with it.

Catturd praised Scott Pressler, but Ronna and the rest of the Republicans aren’t there for us. The donors picked Ronna, and they hate Trump. He’s an outsider. Democrats are destroying us, and Republicans are letting us. The candidates the people pick get destroyed.

He’s starting to like Vivek, and he likes DeSantis.

Tucker asked Catturd if he thinks he’ll have a voice in the future. He thinks he will.

Tucker said he doesn’t know Catturd’s real name, and they didn’t use it, but it is on the Internet. The Left doxxed him.

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