E Jean Gets Images in Her Head & Thinks They’re Happening


Donald Trump’s attorney in the E. Jean Carroll defamation suit, Alina Habba, called for a mistrial after Carroll admitted she deliberately deleted critical information. Donald Trump’s lawyers need this information to present a defense, and she deleted it despite being told to preserve all evidence.

E. Jean Carroll said she received threatening emails that she determined were because of Donald Trump’s comments. It’s a key reason for the lawsuit. The advice columnist did not preserve the relevant evidence, and, in fact, actively deleted it.

An attorney who posted a video on X, Robert Gouveia, explaining the lawsuit, praised Alina Habba for her brilliant document to Judge Kaplan.

At one point, Mr. Gouveia discussed a paragraph from the document. It’s a quote from an unwell E. Jean Carroll:

“My brain just froze. So, to make myself feel good, I went to my Ask E. Jean website, thinking that I would feel better if I could read some support. And I opened it up, and, yes, there was a really lovely email, you know, saying, “You go, girl.” And then I opened up the next Ask E. Jean letter, and I looked at it, I read it, and I ducked.

“The image of what the person said caused me to believe that it was going to happen right now. I thought I was going to get shot. And what the hard part was, I couldn’t get the curtain across the window closed. I was sitting in a room with an open window at 11:30 at night. And it’s – when you see the words, the image comes into my mind, and I believed it was happening right now, so I deleted the message to protect myself.”

E. Jean Screengrab
Gouveia comments:

“‘I deleted the message to protect myself.’ She’s like crazy, man!” Gouveia mimicked her, ‘But I don’t know what the image was,’ if there was an image.”

Gouveia said, “I think she is saying: I read an email. I opened the next letter because the image of what the person said was like a written thing. So they wrote something, and I thought it was going to happen right now.

“So it popped an image into her head, and she was so deluded that she thought it was happening. ‘I think I’m going to get shot’ – someone sent you an email, weirdo.

Gouveia said, “So do you also think that somebody is attacking? You are in a dressing room at Bergdorf when you watch an episode of Law and Order or something because that happened in that show?”

[There was an episode on Law and Order where a woman gets raped in the dressing room of Bergdorf Goodman.]

“She’s like unwell, just coming up with these ‘images in my mind’ when you see the words, the images coming into my mind, and I believe it was happening right now. Wow, so you’re crazy, makeup stuff, like is Mr. Bergdorf in this room right now, E. Jean? Where is he? Is he touching you right now? Is the dressing room door here, too?

Some deleted emails appear to have been sent and deleted before Donald Trump said anything.

One image made her think it was something that would happen right now, so she had to delete it. She comes up with images in her mind. Is Donald Trump raping her or touching her just an image she created in her mind?

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