Ye Marries Staffer, Bianca Censori – Kim Allegedly Hates Her


Kanye West, Ye, married one of his staffers, Bianca Censori. Bianca is an architectural designer who grew up in Australia. Insiders say that the former Mrs. West, Kim Kardashian, has long despised Censori.

“Kim hates her,” an insider told Page Six. An insider also added, “She’s pretty. And Kim hates pretty girls.”

I don’t know why that would be true. Kim’s pretty. You can’t believe the gossip from nameless insiders. However, it is believable that she’d be jealous.

Sources told Page Six that it was well known around the Yeezy HQ that the boss’ wife didn’t like her and suspected she had designs on Ye.

Ye and Censori allegedly had a wedding ceremony and wore wedding rings but never got a marriage certificate to make it legal.

Ye has been divorced from Kim for two months.

He also just wrote a song called “Censori Overload” in her honor. His song is partly about not having sex before marriage.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Censori works as Head of Architecture at Yeezy, West’s clothing and apparel brand.

She appears to have grown up in Melbourne, Australia, where she attended school as a child before attending the University of Melbourne to achieve her Bachelor’s degree in architecture, followed by her Master’s degree in the same subject.

Censori’s LinkedIn profile also states that she owns a jewelry brand called Nylons Jewellery. Her Instagram page appears to have been disabled.

In recent pictures with West, Censori can be seen with short, blonde hair, but in the past, she has boasted long brunette hair.

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