Yes! Liz Cheney will be out of leadership by the end of the month!


#TheBigLie is trending and it’s a reference to the 2020 presidential election. Democrats and some Republicans say calling it stolen is ‘the big lie.’ Donald Trump would said the fraudulent 2020 election was ‘the big lie.’

Cheney is opposed to America First and ending 19 years of war in Afghanistan, and that goes against the GOP message. She calls fraud in the election ‘the big lie,’ and rips into Donald Trump regularly. That is all anti-message.

Cheney recently tweeted, “The 2020 presidential election was not stolen. Anyone who claims it was is spreading THE BIG LIE, turning their back on the rule of law, and poisoning our democratic system.”

In other words, anyone who thinks the election was stolen is violating the rule of law and poisoning the democratic system.

It’s hard to see how that is a winning message.

That isn’t the only problem. She will not carry the message — America First. It’s THE Republican message, but not hers. Cheney’s globalism and warmongering message no longer attracts people.


Two reported allies of minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) promised The Hill that they will oust Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) as GOP conference chairwoman as soon as this month.

“She is a big distraction,” one McCarthy ally reportedly said. “I don’t see McCarthy saving her this time.”

“There is no way that Liz will be conference chair by month’s end,” this first ally reportedly went on to say. “When there is a vote, it won’t be a long conference; it will be fast. Everyone knows the outcome.”

A second ally reportedly confirmed the reports of the first. “This is a broad range of lawmakers who have had it with her,” the ally said. “She’s a liability, and McCarthy’s as fed up as the rest of us that she is focused on the past rather than winning back the House.”

There are definitely calls for her to go from the membership since she won’t carry the message.



  1. Take the democratic system and shove it up your ass, Athens would approve of that.
    The democracy cult is Jonestown Kool-Aid.

  2. Where is America First the republican message, a message which includes sincerity and action? It is not with McCarthy, Scalise, Rodgers, Mitch, Graham, Thune, and so on.

    Removing Cheney is good, but the problem will not disappear, they want her out because her anti-Trump and anti-US message is so clear.

    She is not a distraction, she is a huge negative and is exposing the whole party leadership for what they are. Why wait until June 1st? Why would we believe anything the party says after what it did the last year? Why not remove her tonight?

    Come on folks, the party is against the USA, it is entirely clear. The entire leadership must go. McCarthy and Mitch said Trump was an insurrectionist too.

  3. Liz Cheney is a long-time Bush Republican. It’s been obvious since Trump first announced his presidential candidacy in 2015 that she was firmly ensconced in the anti-Trump Bush Ideology. Nothing she has said or done since would cause anyone to believe otherwise. That Kevin McCarthy and other supposed Trump supporters didn’t fully oppose her 5 years ago is ideologically suspect.

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