Truth about women having side effects on menstrual cycles after the shot


Update: Since this report, a Pfizer scientist admitted in a Project Veritas undercover tape that Pfizer doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on.

Americans are not anti-vaxxers and don’t need the government to nudge us. We also don’t need vaccine passports. Whether we put chemicals into our bodies is our choice.

Biden wants to mandate vaccines indirectly. Using private industries and non-profits, he is forcing it on us.

Tucker Carlson gave the following report last night  He brought up an important point that needs to be considered. It’s good he brought up the vaccine affecting a female’s menstrual cycle but he didn’t know that it doesn’t affect fertility, current studies show.

The vaccines are doing well and Tucker encourages people to seriously consider getting the vaccine. However, this is an elderly or sickly person’s illness. Children and younger adults should give it serious consideration.

The younger people are not very susceptible to dying from COV and many have gotten it and have antibodies, so why require it?

The vaccines are experimental. They are not dangerous but there are some unresolved questions.

For example, some women report effects on the menstrual cycle. Women are concerned it will affect fertility or the fetus. Others say there is lots of evidence it does not affect fertility.


The questions come up because there are no long-term studies, depending on how you define long-term.

Kate Clancy disputed the statement made by Tucker. She said there were no long-term effects [so far].

Facebook has banned anyone reporting this on their platform, but the discussions are important to have.


The virus is beginning to disappear:

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2 years ago

Trying to mandate an experimental vaccine is just plan stupid. Mandating a vaccine without a 20 or even 30 y/o track record is reckless. What is really behind the full court press to put a relatively new technology into people’s bodies? You would have thought we learned something over 40 years ago when we overused penicillin and ended up with super-bugs.

Historic Paper Plates Czar
Historic Paper Plates Czar
2 years ago

Non-vaxxers will be excluded and eventually there will be a Final Solution.
None are safe until all are safe isn’t just some faculty lounge bong load slogan.
As for the women with negative effects, no collateral damage is too small/large for the burn it all down plan.

Mutant Ryeff
Mutant Ryeff
2 years ago

It will take 15 years roughly for the potential side-effects with birth defects to be reported. It may not be this generation, but the next.