Yes! Trump to suspend immigration, including H-1B, H4, H-2B, J & L


With millions of Americans out of work, President Trump has decided to draw up an executive order to cut legal immigration by 525,000. He is suspending five classes of work visas, including the infamous H-1B visas throughout the end of 2020.

He hopes this will open up jobs for Americans.

President Trump is extending the Coronavirus-related immigration ban first announced on April 22nd.

The halt affects incoming green card recipients and who were approved to live and work in the United States.

“That is being extended to the end of the year and the president is expanding that measure in light of the — frankly — the expanding unemployment and the number of Americans out of work,” a senior administration official told reporters in a call on Monday afternoon, The Washington Examiner reported. “He’s going to include a number of nonimmigrant visas.”

He is extending the ban to H-1B visas, H4, H-2B, J & L.

In total, it will keep 525,000 immigrants from entering through the end of 2020. It’s a smart move with the unemployment issue.


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