Yet another hate note hoaxer


The left-wing never gets tired of hoaxing people. Another case just popped up. Stop me if you heard this a hundred times before.

A student at Texas A&M put a hate crime note on his windshield — himself. The note got a lot of attention and the right-wing was blamed as usual.

School officials had offered a reward for information on who put the note on the car. Isaih Martin wrote the note that said, “All lives matter, “You don’t belong here,” and “n—r.” Then he put it on his windshield, The Washington Times reported.

Unfortunately for Martin, there was surveillance from a pool camera that exposed the dishonest guy. A college station cop who viewed the footage said:

“Martin immediately walks to the passenger side of his vehicle, but does not open any doors,” a local CBS affiliate reported Thursday while citing the department’s report. “Martin is seen toward the front of his vehicle. A brief white speck is seen from about mid-torso of Martin moving toward his vehicle. Another white speck is seen near his chest area. Martin is then seen stepping back and onto the sidewalk in front of his vehicle, most likely taking photos and videos. He then approaches his vehicle again on the passenger side and remains there for a few moments. He is then seen walking around the front of his vehicle. Martin then enters the driver’s door and drives away a few moments later. The total time spent at his vehicle is 1 minute, 15 seconds.”

Martin was the only one who had time to put the note on the car.

The 21-year-old has stopped working with the police and has a lawyer.


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