You have to love this! Everybody — everybody — is joining in!


Before Virginia Tech games, the players and others march around the Lane Stadium and by the time they get into the stadium, the fans are whipped up and the atmosphere is electric. The game last night was the first for the Hokies with an audience and people didn’t wear masks.

They weren’t sure what song to pick and had looked into songs by Guns & Roses and Alan Parsons Project. They settled on ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica.

The tradition began when Virginia Tech added a new scoreboard to Lane Stadium in 2000, subsequently using the scoreboard for an entrance video.

‘Enter Sandman’ was first used by Virgina Tech on Aug. 27, 2000, when the Hokies were slated to face Georgia Tech in the season opener. But thunderstorms postponed the contest, and the date is now most famous for lightning striking Lee Corso’s car in a parking lot near Lane Stadium.

They won 17-10 and that entrance probably gave them 10 points.

Here’s what the entrance looks like during the big game.

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