Parents respond to Antifa/communist teacher radicalizing school children, WOW!


Parents in the Natomas Unified School Board meeting responded to the Project Veritas bombshell video with a communist teacher talking on video about how he makes his students into communist revolutionaries. He begins by scaring the F out of them.

By the way, the teacher is Antifa, hangs his Antifa flag up in the classroom, and claims three other teachers do the same. The teacher, Gabriel Gipe, hangs pictures of murderers in his classroom.

One father mentioned that the parents tried to get this teacher investigated for years and the administrators did nothing.

Parents stood up for their rights and have had it with district administrators and boards taking their rights away.

There is much more and they are people of all races. As an aside, many people of different races are white, just so you know. Arabs, Hispanics, Native Americans are often quite white. Chinese are white. My cleaning lady is from Korea and she’s white. Some aren’t white. What difference does it make?



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