Youngkin Wins with a MINORITY Republican Lt. Gov. & AG!


Republican Glenn Youngkin is projected to win the Virginia gubernatorial race, according to AP, CNN, Newsmax, and ABC. Fox News finally called it close to 1 am after calling Arizona in 2020 in record-breaking time.

A red wave also washed through the House of Delegates, turning a 55-45 Democratic majority into what could become a 51-49 Republican majority.

Republican Glenn Youngkin defeated Terry McAuliffe in the race for Virginia governor on Tuesday. He ran on a common-sense platform, emphasizing education and the rights of parents.

“From the farms of the Shenandoah Valley to the docks and shipyards of Hampton Roads, to the coalfields in Southwest Virginia, from the banks of the James River to the memorials in Arlington National Cemetery, this is our Virginia to build together and we are going to go to work on day one,” Youngkin told supporters around 1:15 a.m. Wednesday, once the race had been called.

Exit polls show Republican Glenn Youngkin won Hispanic voters in Virginia by 9 points, 54% to 45%. We’ll see in the final count how accurate that is.

And WOW, all those White supremacists in Virginia just elected the first black woman lieutenant governor and a Hispanic attorney general!

Republican Del. Jason S. Miyares was holding a narrow lead over Democratic incumbent Mark R. Herring in the race for Virginia attorney general as election officials Wednesday morning continued to count votes.

Miyares, who was ahead with about 95 percent of the vote counted just before 1 a.m., declared victory and said he was “humbled and honored” to become the first Latino elected as the state’s top lawyer. He is family immigrated to the United States from Cuba.

His opponent Mark Herring, a progressive communist, ran on a vision of the attorney general’s office as a “progressive powerhouse” championing liberal causes like access to abortion, gun control, and same-sex marriage.

Republican Winsome Sears will be Virginia’s next lieutenant governor, making history as the first black woman to hold the office and the highest-ranking woman of color to be elected to office in Virginia.

Sears is an immigrant, a veteran, and a trailblazer. Born in Jamaica, she immigrated to the United States with her father when he had only $1.75 in his pocket and grew up in the Bronx, New York. She joined the Marines, where she was an electrician.

Winsome Sears is a U.S. Marine veteran and a former member of the Virginia General Assembly.

History was made in Virginia on Tuesday, with a Republican woman of color being elected lieutenant governor.

Sears says that while Democrats center many of their messages on being friendly to immigrants and the black community, they actually sow division in each election cycle.


McAuliffe addressed his supporters last night, thanking his family. He also said, “Let’s count all those votes.”

He didn’t concede.

The Blue Check Left on Twitter is very upset.

Molly John-Fast, Kimberley Johnson, Molly Katzen, Secular Talk, David Corn, Joe Walsh, Marcus H. Johnson, and the extremely crazy Palmer Report are bashing the governor-elect as a ‘Trumpist.’ That’s all you have to say now, ‘you’re a Trumpist,’ and it means you’re an ugly racist and white supremacist. That is the Left’s goal, do Soviet-style smearing of their opponents so no one would ever vote for them.

WaPo is trying to paint him as a closet conspiracy theorist and Trumpist. CNN is beside itself. They worked so hard at maligning him and covering for Youngkin’s dishonest crook opponent and hard-leftist, Terry McAuliffe.

Watch Communist Van Jones:

But the Right is Thrilled…

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