YouTube Censored a Black Women Decrying Black Lives Matter’s Racism


A red pill black woman has been putting out some great videos about escaping the Democrat plantation, not caring about Charlottesville and the KKK, and one which YouTube removed that had gone viral. In the video that was removed, all she did was read off the list of Black Lives Matter demands.

She’s very attractive and is becoming very popular, which makes her dangerous. YouTube put the video back quietly with no explanation

She was accused of bullying for nothing and went on a twitter storm. Her tweets were widely shared. After that, they put the video back.

These large corporations have enormous power to silence all opposition.

This is the video that was removed:

A few of her tweets explain what went on.


  1. Definitely the best tweet ever:

    (What does it mean when a company owned by rich white ppl begins censoring black people? Is this the white nationalism I should be scared of?)

    A person made this statement and I believe it went like this:

    You have blacks who weren’t themselves slaves, accusing whites who aren’t KKK, and blaming Trump about statues that Democrats erected.

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