YouTube removes RSBNs Trump rally videos, then punishes them


Millions of people were watching the Rightside Broadcasting [RSBN] videos of Donald Trump’s first rally in Ohio. So, YouTube took them down. They couldn’t handle all the people watching, I suppose.

RSBN is now punished for a week. Tomorrow, there is another rally in Sarasota, Florida, and RSBN will televise live using Rumble. Newsmax will also run it live.

The censorship by these leftists is clearly partisan and political. Attacks on Donald Trump and now his supporters are about partisan politics and destroying the opposition. Democrats are obsessed with destroying everything that interferes with their agenda.

People are already showing up for the rally tomorrow:

Meanwhile, the Left is out ripping up bibles.

In Canada, they’re out vandalizing and ripping down historical statues of Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria for Canada Day.

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