YouTube Warns Canadians About Bill C-11 – Censoring the Internet


Canada is promoting Bill C-11 to strengthen the Canadian Broadcasting System. The problem is that while the liberals claim they want to protect sovereignty and Canadian broadcasting, the bill allows regulatory control over everything on the Internet.

We should care about what Canada does on this issue. Trudeau-Biden-Ardern-Anthony Albanese-Boris Johnson all eat from the same World Economic Forum plate of statism.

Stop gesture through a laptop screen concept for internet censorship and access denied

Many independent operators, streamers, YouTubers, and so on, fear that they will control what Canadians are allowed to see.

YouTube is warning Canadian YouTubers about bill C-11.

It will make most YouTubers pack up and leave Canada for foreign countries. It will basically impose censorship over EVERYTHING on the Internet. Currently, the free market allows availability of every nation’s videos.

Content creators will be limited to Canada-acceptable content.


Allegedly, a primary objective of Bill C-11 is to require foreign streaming services to invest extensively in the creation of Canadian content. That is according to The Toronto Star. Many of the services are in the US and making billions from Canadian viewers. They say they want to change that and protect Canadian sovereignty and values.

Prevents Online Streaming Services from Reaching Foreign Audiences

Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act, sets up the CRTC to regulate online platforms like Netflix. However, it gives CRTC regulatory authority over user content.

Justin Tomchuk, who runs two large YouTube channels, said the bill would “potentially destroy” his channels’ international visibility. That’s 97% of his audience.

Open Media finds a number of problems with it.

They say Canadians will see less of the content they want most. According to the government, Bill C-11 will “increase visibility” for some officially recognized Canadian content creators. But their tool for doing this is manipulating playlists, feeds, and algorithmic recommendations. This means that the CRTC will be picking winners and losers, forcing some officially recognized content “up” in feeds and recommendations. At the same time, they will downrank or hide other content.

The content you WANT to see that doesn’t fit the CRTC’s vision of CanCon [their point system] is pushed down. 

Legacy media wants a piece of the pie. Watch:

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