Zelensky Demands More Sanctions While Making Billions off Russia


The US and the EU have sacrificed their citizenry to sanction Russia, a nation that claims record capital inflow, but at the same time, the agitating Ukrainian President is making billions from Russian gas. Other sanctions, like those of Disney and Lego or of artists and writers, even dead ones, are meaningless virtue signaling.

The Great Reset promoter, President Zelensky, is continuously demanding more sanctions. On March 29th, he called for an oil embargo.

Daniel Greenfield writes:

Naftogaz, Ukraine’s state owned gas company, continuing to transport millions of cubic meters of Russian gas to Europe each month.

One answer is that Russia continues paying billions to Ukraine to transport its gas.

Ukraine earns about $2 billion in transit fees from the Russian use of its pipelines to move gas to Europe. Russia, and Putin’s cronies in particular, obviously make even more than that.

Russia cashes in an estimated $400 million a day from its gas exports to Europe.

Why doesn’t he stop making money off Russia?


He also spoke to the Grammy’s, politicizing entertainment even more than it already is. He is always on camera, disturbingly so, and he has some great lines, but is what we are hearing truly reality? Even the genocide at Boucha was not investigated by any impartial observer. The Western media is just regurgitating it. If Russia did this, they are war criminals, and that is why there should be serious investigations by governments and media. Are there any? We can’t find any evidence.

We can’t catch a break. The Left, of which Zelensky is one, is making everything political. It’s destroying our mental well-being.

It just feels like the COVID, Ukraingate, and Russiagate scenarios where we are fed a narrative and must abide by it. Americans should remain skeptical of “heroes” like Zelensky who adhere to the beliefs of the WEF and allow Soros NGOs to infiltrate the country. It is also concerning that a Neo-Nazi battalion was integrated into the Ukraine National Guard.

Do you feel like you’re being played or are our concerns at the Sentinel baseless?

Investigative reporter, Michael Tracey, tweeted: Call it “whataboutism,” I don’t care: it’s impossible to take seriously this sudden newfound concern for “war crimes” coming from some of the same exact people who never gave a crap about similar or worse “crimes” committed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc.


This insanity claiming NATO intervention in Ukraine won’t spark World War III from a writer at FP is obvious propaganda. It’s dangerous and dramatically untrue. We have a lot of people trying to get us into war. Why?


Zelensky spoke via videolink to introduce John Legend, who sang a song for the war-ravaged country. In a pre-recorded message, he told the assembled musicians to use their voices to demand an end to the war, stating: ‘Anything but silence’.

We can’t have an end to the era of war by going to war with Zelensky which is what he wants.


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1 year ago

It appears Germany has nationalized Russian Oil Co. Gazprom subsidiary. I’m sure other foreign investors will have No problems with that at all. How many Middle Eastern companies are in Germany. The West was able to “bank” on the “trust” the world had in “Western Democracy”. They are eroding that day by day. This is the beginning of an economic war that few will be able to survive from. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if many of these leaders picked up some history books from their local libraries. This doesn’t end well.

1 year ago

President Zelensky is a War profiteer. He must get the West to protect him because the Russia Government will try him for crimes against Russians in Easter Ukraine. At some point, Zelensky will flee Ukraine with his Billions and seek Asylum. Zelensky is just another puppet of the WEF.

Deplorable Kulak Untermenschen
Deplorable Kulak Untermenschen
1 year ago

Regarding the shooting POW’s with the bag over their heads, isn’t that a Criminals In Action technique?
Just downloaded a file from a Russian host site and there is a 1960’s ruble in my wallet from a long gone professor bud who impaled himself on the jungle wall by OD because he couldn’t cope and the old Clinton three dollar bill from an anti-NWO magazine circa late 1990’s.
I’m turning myself in for shirking against the glorious WAR effort to save the 51st state Ukraine and for blasphemy against the Clinton CPUSA crime family.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

There’s lots of good info in this article. So then, Z wants us to all boycott Russia but he does not.

We get fictitious narratives in the West, one con after another. I doubt many paid attention to the latest fake massacre. If a real massacre comes, we won’t believe it.

Eastern European nations seem to be pro-Russia. Serbia and Hungary had big wins against globalism in elections. Hungary will buy energy with rubles. Eastern Europe will not follow this NWO charade.

minute by minute
minute by minute
1 year ago

We aren’t getting played but the dim dems that Hillary loves so much are.
Mental well being is a tough one and you have to work on it daily.
Some Mockingbird enemedia exposure at breakfast and supper is probably too much but it is good for the laughs.
Stepphy Snuffleuphagous was on about the so called “genocide” regarding some graves in a war zone.
One Zelensky ballwasher page called it Catyn part II but that was probably from a script.