Zelensky Spends Millions in USAID to Lobby DC


According to Creative Destruction Media (CDM), Zelensky’s regime spent $100 million of US AID money on DC lobbyists to influence the congressional vote for more funds to Kyiv.

CDM reports that the dictatorship of Zelensky/Yekmak is trying to buy congressmen with kickbacks and financing they get from the government of the USA.

Last year, The Guardian reported that powerful lobbyists in Washington were providing the services pro bono and taking in millions in fees from Pentagon contractors who were benefiting from the country’s war with Russia. They are war profiteers.

Either way, it’s a corrupt money laundering system, complete with kickbacks. Taxpayers in both countries are financing the war scheme.

Zelensky was lobbying for money in Munich at the conference this past week. He initially threatened to disown DC, but that seems to have reversed after the US promised to see the war to the end.

Zelensky on Russia

Meanwhile, Tass, the Russian news agency, reports that Putin views the situation around Ukraine as a matter of life and death for Russia. At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin told US journalist Tucker Carlson that the West doesn’t care as much.

“For them (the West – TASS), this is about improving their tactical position, but for us, this is about our destiny, a matter of life and death. I wanted people that will listen to this [interview with Carlson] to realize that. It’s not up to me to judge whether it hit the mark or not,” Putin said.

If that is true, seeing the war to the end means direct war with Russia.

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