Cyber Expert: How the National Security State Inverted Democracy


Tucker Carlson interviewed Mike Benz and introduced the segment by explaining that we are losing our rights due to censorship. He further explained that this is not the usual censorship. What’s happening now is called misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation. This allows the censors to hide or delete factual information. They can delete information they don’t like.

The US government directs the censorship.

The national security state saw the Internet as a way to overthrow foreign governments that were causing problems for Bill Clinton and others. It worked until the Arab Spring, about 2011 or 2012.

Initially, free speech was an instrument of statecraft from the national security state. All that architecture, NGOs, and the relationships between the tech companies and the national security state had long been established for freedom.

When Crimea voted to join Russia, that was the end of free speech on the Internet. The State decided to create an industry infrastructure to censor.

Brexit in 2016 led the UN and NATO to see it as a threat to their existence.

The military decided their existence would be threatened if they did not censor speech. They went to war with democracy in their own nations.

Essentially, we have a department of dirty tricks. The Rise of Donald Trump turned the military state into an attack within.

What we are seeing is a military coup claiming to protect democracy by undemocratic means. They weren’t ready for the Internet, which caused a crisis for them.

We included a timestamp and key points from Dr. Malone after the clip.

It is a must-watch interview. You might not want to believe it, but it explains everything that is happening in this country:


00:02:59: From internet freedom to internet censorship

00:17:12: Social media eclipses the legacy media

00:23:08: The Global Engagement Center

00:31:08: The 2020 election and Covid pandemic

00:45:29: The impeachment of Donald Trump

00:51:32: Intel agencies work with the mainstream media

00:58:48: Elon Musk and X

Dr. Robert Malone, a liberal man, selected five key points to consider as you listen:

First- the Aspen Institute planning, described herein, reminds one of the Event 201 planning for COVID.

Second– reading the comments to Tucker’s original post on “X” with this interview, Malone is struck by the parallels between the efforts to delegitimize me and the new efforts to delegitimize Mike Benz. People should be aware that this type of delegitimization tactic is a common response by those behind the propaganda to anyone who reveals their tactics and strategies. The core of this tactic is to cast doubt about whether the person in question is unreliable or a sort of double agent (controlled opposition).

Third– Mike Benz mostly focuses on the censorship aspect of all of this and does not dive deeply into the active propaganda promotion (PsyWar) aspect.

Fourth– Mike speaks of the influence of mapping and natural language processing tools being deployed but does not describe the “Behavior Matrix” tool kit involving the extraction and mapping of emotion. If you want to dive in a bit further into this, I covered this latter part of October 2022 in a substack essay titled “Twitter is a weapon, not a business.”

Fifth– Mike Benz describes a functionally silent coup by the US Military and the Deep State. And yes, Barack Obama’s fingerprints are all over this.

Yet another “conspiracy theory” is now being validated.


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