Dear POTUS- Builder Trump Would Never Let “Subs” Pelosi & Schumer “get ahead of him”



Dear President Trump:

You’ve been involved in construction since you were a little boy walking job sites with your dad. Given the great success of Fred Trump, we can assume he largely avoided the general contractor’s mistake of paying subcontractors before their work was acceptably completed.

We can be pretty sure the warning, “don’t let them get ahead of you” was something you heard a lot. Maybe there were even frequent reminders that one of the biggest unnecessary risks a builder could take is to pay, in advance, a particular trades crew for an unfinished job. While it might sound innocent enough, even magnanimous, we’re sure you’ve seen this particular “good deed” backfire.

The sub might drop what he’s doing on your job, and head off to another unfinished project where the dough is being held until that builder is completely satisfied. Or in an even worse case scenario, unscrupulous laborers may just take the money and run. As you know, both those outcomes create a domino effect on scheduling that costs both time and money. If, for example, the drywall guys skip out for a payday somewhere else, your project screeches to a halt, until either they come back or someone else is brought on.

It seems, having won the contract to serve as President of the United States, the assumption was, you had “your people” in place to break legislative ground very quickly. But subcontractors Ryan and McConnell have been a bust, unable to properly complete a single promised major piece of work.   Your frustration and anger is warranted, and has led you to follow a path any successful builder would follow. You go out looking for fresh crews, who can at least offer competition to the outfits who are behaving as if they’re the only game in town.

But it’s critical your exasperation not lead to lower standards for new subs. This would be especially the case when considering doing any business with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, both of whom have spent their last (combined) 80+ years living inside an other worldly political bubble. The former is a far left pol living in a deep blue, east coast state, while the latter is a far left pol living in even deeper blue San Francisco.

Initially our concerns were not raised when you announced a meeting with 2 Democrats who’ve been endlessly trashing you. But following the sit-down there was a single word uttered we found troubling. We heard Donald J. Trump, negotiator extraordinaire, say there would have to be an “understanding” about the projected building/funding of our border wall, before DACA legislation was signed.

An “understanding” with a couple of life long Democrat swamp creatures who offer no good track record of keeping verbal agreements with folks they see as rivals!!?? Would experienced contractor Trump, who had unequivocally promised his most loyal clients a “beautiful structure”, take a chance on hiring unreliable, disreputable subcontractors to finish the job? And perhaps pay them in advance?

That’d be a helluva risk to take when the likely outcome would be crap construction and a forever loss of faithful, dedicated patrons. Mr. President, apply the terrific life lessons learned in your highly successful chosen field. Don’t let Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi “get ahead of you” on this, or any other “developing deals”.


Jim Soviero


  1. Jim, that was one of the best pieces of advice I have seen given to the President. Given his building experience I hope he sees the point you are making and takes your advice.

  2. Trump tries sometimes ot be congenial. I think that is the cause of his words with the dems. The actions/inactions of Ryan/McConnell are far worse than Pelosi/Schumer the past 8 months since they are having huge effects on policy but the dems are just noise makers.

  3. Great advice and I pray that President Trump follows this path. As in any build, the laying of the ‘foundation’ is the most critical for a steadfast structure. Any deviance at the foundation will reflect in the final outcome years down the road. The American people, our very culture and way of life, the Constitution and the future are depending on it.

  4. James, great analogy! Jan is correct! Backfill that foundation before its cured, even if it is still just a little wet, that could cause a cracked foundation, or even worse, you could collapse a wall! You cannot build on that, more time and money will be needed to fix it. So don’t rush the process! The old sayings go: haste makes waste, and lie down with dogs, get up with fleas! We have enough broken foundations and too many governmental dogs with fleas!

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