Democrat Leader Slips, Tells Us What They See as the Future of the USA

Neera Tanden, radical Democrat Progressive

Democrats like to ignore the fact that France is burning as a result of the excessive climate change taxes the government elite levied on people who can’t afford it. The media lies about it and says the riots have nothing to do with the climate change taxes.

Neera Tanden, the President of the looney Soros-funded Center for American Progress, explained our future under Democrats.

She doesn’t understand why any progressive would support these protests because she doesn’t care that they are suffering.


What doesn’t Neera understand about not being able to afford it? Frankly, my dear, she doesn’t give a damn. It’s all designed to bring our country to the hard left. If the middle class disappears into poverty and starts burning things, they don’t care.

Glenn Greenwald, no right-winger, understands.

Ned Ryun explained it succinctly.


Forcing hard-left policies on Americans is what Democrats want for all of us. If we start protesting, they’ll destroy us when given the power.

Once the hard-left gains their foothold, there is no getting rid of them. France is burning! Socialist President Macron’s answer is to add more socialism. He will up the minimum wage which will cost jobs. He will give employees a bonus and scrap the pension tax.

His plan for bonuses is to beg employers to give workers a “bonus.” As we said, they add more socialism.

Many mock #SheGuevara Ocommie-Cortez for her utter ignorance but let’s not forget that her ideology is responsible for killing up to 100 million people. She is dangerous, and so is this movement. The forces behind it are far-left, and they don’t care what harm it does to people.

Progressives/Democrats are lighting the fire for climate change taxes while exploiting grammar school, middle school, and high school children.


The cleverness of the far-left Democrats cannot go understated. They had children in grammar school on up protest at Nancy Pelosi’s office using the false claim that we are facing imminent disaster. It is not true, and it’s illusory.

Hundreds of young protesters stormed the Capitol on Monday, taking over the offices of three members of Congress to push the need for an immediate climate change plan.

The activists for the communist Sunrise Movement, a group that’s pushing House Democrats to create a special committee next year focused entirely on climate change initiatives, engaged in three sit-ins inside the offices of the likely next Speaker, Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif), as well as Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) and Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.).



  1. What the Hell! Socialist have brainwashed children, grade school/forward in an illusion of saving the planet, therefore destroying our country. Again read “Environmentalism’s Totalitarian Pipe Dream’ by Thomas Dilorenzo at

  2. The United States CO2 emissions have been reduced more than any nation in the world,the two greatest polluters are China and India, and they have been exempted from the Paris accords, these kids are being brainwashed beyond belief, its all about the money, follow the money kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. how is it that the parents are able to evade sole responsibility for the crippling lies inflicted on their children?

  4. I saw a slogan that pretty well sums it up “the difference between socialism and communism is that socialists don’t have the power to take everything you have at gunpoint…yet.”

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