Lindsey Graham Betrays the President, Issues Condescending Statement


Senator Lindsey Graham, under the guise of questioning the DHS Secretary Tuesday during a hearing on Capitol Hill, issued a long condescending statement to her and about the President. He referred to himself as a conservative while he called for amnesty for all people here illegally.

He also betrayed the President by insisting Dick Durbin is very honest. In yet another betrayal, he said something happened in a brief span of time to change the President’s mind. That was a very belittling statement.

The fact is that what happened is the Gang of Six offered a proposal that exchanges the same bad amnesty deals that have been brokered in the past.

They offered the President only a little over a billion dollars down payment on the $20 billion dollar wall and another billion for other border security which won’t go far on our neglected borders. They offered increased chain migration; immediate citizenship for all DACA; offered to change the name of the lottery visa system but keep it for at least half; and they want citizenship for all people here illegally.

That is what happened. They offered an absurd deal.

Graham won less than 1% of the Republican electorate last year. Why is he brokering this deal along with Jeff Flake who can’t even get re-elected in his own state? RINOs and far-left Democrats want to broker amnesty for little in return.


Graham gave the left talking points for another week. He’s a disgrace.
As Eric Bolling said:

Diamond and Silk:


  1. Graham is owned by the COC and whoever else funds him. Plus he may be subject to blackmail for his lifestyle. He has no credibility to real conservatives.

  2. There was much talk about “down payment”. We all know what that translates into.

    Graham has said he considers America an “idea”. WHAT? It was an “idea” that created a “Country”. If it were only an idea then what was the Louisiana Purchase in addition to other acquisitions. Is Alaska “an idea”. What does Graham take an oath to. This is beyond ignorance Or stupidity.

  3. I watched some of her testimony today,good choice for DHS, she stood by her previous “i don’t recall” when questioned about Trumps alleged s***hole commets, she took heat from Cory Booker for suddenly having amnesia, she said their was a lot of heated crosstalk with several people talking at once, she said she heard a lot worse profanity coming out of peoples mouths than what Trump is accused of saying, this whole thing is a sham by the democrats to get what they want,AMNESTY for every illegal here and Lindsey Graham is in on it, she stated numerous times, extreme border security, more sections of wall where needed or this crap will continue, I say shut the gov down and send them all home to think about, the dems want full blown amnesty for all or nothing, call their bluff Trump and gop, shut it down !!!!!!

  4. She is another young lady that my wife and I would love to have for a daughter or daughter in law, classy, smart, and tough. Lindsay Graham is someone who wants to make sure he doesn’t piss off the left wingers, in case he faces re-election problems. If Lindsay Graham were what/whom you thought was your best friend, there would be a time when you would turn to Lindsay Graham and Say: “Et Tu Brute?”

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