Listen to Swamp Rat Chuck Schumer As He Tries to Take Down the President


Repulsive hack Chuck Schumer thinks American values are hard-left like he is if the wind blows in that direction and he’s “standing strong” for these so-called Progressive American values.

Schumer called Trump a liar. The repugnant New Yorker claimed Dick Durbin, a known liar,  is a man who Schumer has “never known him to lie”. Schumer called Trump an obnoxious liar.

Democrats want the so-called bipartisan compromise which gives everything to Democrats and almost nothing to Republicans. The bipartisan Republicans are RINOs and the Democrats are far-left.

The bill they want gives amnesty to DACA, very little for the wall, an increase in chain migration, and a name-change for the lottery visa program.

Did you know you are “hard-right” if you want an orderly system of immigration? You’re a racist too.

Schumer called Trump’s administration a “failure”, however, the stock market increases are historic as is the improvement in the economy. That happened because Trump is pro-small business.  We’re getting tax cuts, Pelosi “crumbs” of $1,000 to $2,000 which aren’t crumbs to me. That’s not failure.

Schumer is a hack who blows with the with the far-left who have taken over the Democrat Party.

The only deal Democrats will accept is to give Democrats whatever they want in order to prove he is not a racist. Three people in the room say they didn’t hear the “s***hole” comment and only one, Dick Durbin, says it’s so, although Graham suggested he trusts Durbin over Trump.

Rush Limbaugh said that Durbin has a history of making things up like when he claimed a Republican in a meeting with Obama told him he couldn’t stand looking Obama in the face. That never happened.

Who even has a problem with the “s***hole” comment if Trump said it?

Trump was sent to D.C. to not be like the past capitulating presidents.

Rush explained what happened in the meeting. Listen, this is an interesting segment.

Swamp rat Schumer trying to overturn the election:

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