NeverTrumper Lindsey Graham Moves to Block Trump from Ever Firing Mueller


The GOP and the Democrats are working together to make certain President Trump cannot make any recess appointments. They want to keep him from firing Jeff Sessions and replacing him during the recess. Who knows if any of this is true.

The establishment especially wants to keep Special Counsel Robert Mueller in place.

POLITICO and NBC News report Senator Lindsey Graham, a neverTrumper, is working on a bill that will have bi-partisan legislation to prevent President Trump from firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller. He’s counting on all the Democrats voting with him and some Republicans.

“Any effort to go after Mueller could be the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency unless Mueller did something wrong,” Graham told reporters on Capitol Hill. He described the legislation he is crafting.

The South Carolina senator promised it would have Republican support and “all the Democrats”. It will mandate that any special counsel established to investigate either a president or his staff can’t be fired “unless you have judicial review of the firing.”

Andy McCarthy dealt with the Sessions issue yesterday. He believes that Sessions’ recusal was much too broad because this isn’t a criminal investigation, it’s a counterintelligence probe.


  1. Granted Sessions may be a good man but he has one fatal flaw when it comes to this Administration.

    I had watched Sessions in Congress on a number of issues. I was pleased with his position on the H1 visas and the other visa policies.

    What I DID notice on many occasions was his timidity in the presence of conflict. He was quick to back down if someone was harsh with him. This was somewhat displayed during his confirmation hearing. No doubt Trump is and was aware of this. Under the circumstances with all that has been happening there can be NO timidity. Furthermore, Trump is WELL known for realizing the potential of individuals even though the person cannot see it on his own. (I cannot even comprehend how someone can determine that.) He will “know” this about a person and push them in that direction. This Could be a possibility in his remarks about Sessions. It can his way of having Sessions overcome his timidity. This should be kept in mind when watching Trump and his interactions with people.

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