Steve Bannon Worries Trump Can’t Survive an Impeachment Vote


Trump ally and former White House advisor Steve Bannon is alleged to be afraid President Trump wouldn’t survive an impeachment vote which he says all the Democrats and establishment Republicans are itching to do.

An article at Vanity Fair, quotes sources quoting Bannon. Worried about Trump’s falling poll numbers and failed legislative initiatives, Bannon wants Trump to get serious, “Stop joking around, stop tweeting”, he has allegedly said.

Two weeks ago, according to a source, Bannon did a spitball analysis of the Cabinet to see which members would remain loyal to Trump in the event the 25th Amendment were invoked, thereby triggering a vote to remove the president from office. Bannon recently told people he’s not sure if Trump would survive such a vote.

Bannon’s full of it. Impeachment in the House requires evidence of wrongdoing and they would need two-thirds in the Senate for conviction. If the 25th Amendment is invoked, under the amendment’s fourth stipulation, it would take 14 people to depose the president – Vice President Mike Pence and 13 of Trump’s 24 Cabinet members. He would be removed for a disability in such a case. After that, they would need two-thirds of both Houses to uphold the judgement. Bannon is allegedly concerned about the 25th and the cabinet. It can’t possibly happen at this time and Pence is not about to launch a coup.

The Russia investigation has the potential to take Trump down, Bannon believes, and it is said to be causing concern among White House insiders. Some want him to take a hard line against Mueller and others want a soft approach such as defunding him.

Bannon has discussed ways to pressure Congress to defund Mueller’s investigation or limit its scope. “Mueller shouldn’t be allowed to be a clean shot on goal,” a Bannon confidant told me. “He must be contested and checked. Right now he has unchecked power.”

Trump is said to be angry about the unfairness of it all and wonders when Uranium One is going to be investigated by the swamp rats.

The President needs to do something about Mueller according to the White House consensus. Roger Stone – crazy Roger Stone – says an investigation of Uranium One would look into the FBI’s role. Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein would have to recuse. Trump can’t fire Mueller but that could push him aside.

Meanwhile Democrats are writing up articles of impeachment as we speak and waiting to strike.

Many Republicans are too. It was John McCain who told an audience of Midshipmen at Annapolis that there must be “no more America First”. That is what it is really about.

If Bannon keeps talking, he might take Trump down. Bannon needs to shut up and stop counting phantom votes. If Republicans lose the Senate and even the House or more seats in the House, it would be possible but that hasn’t happened yet.

Stone’s and Bannon’s advice is equally faulty. They both need to stop talking.

If Trump is taken down, there will be a serious negative reaction from his voters.


  1. Serious negative reaction doesn’t BEGIN to describe the blow back. There would be coast to almost left coast riots. There is NO EFFIN WAY We The People would EVER allow that to happen, not without major rebellion.
    That said, Bannon is a shrewd character. This apt to be simply a shot over the bow for coming elections, ie people better get out and vote the correct people into the House and Senate if they want to EVER drain this swamp and protect this president.
    It also delivers a semi covert message to Trump… what course he needs to take to neuter Mueller and his disgracefully perverted investigation. I’m just guessing here but do not think face to face meet ups between Bannon and the president are easy to come by.
    AND I SAY THIS AGAIN, we have knuckle head Jeff Sessions to thank for all of this. He allowed himself to be goaded into recusal and for what? To prove he wasn’t a Russian spy? There were no good reasons for his recusal… conversely, there are MULITITUDES of reasons for both Mueller and Rosenstein to recuse themselves, you don’t see either one of them doing that, right?

    • The big puzzle over Sessions is that he remains in that position at the behest of President Trump. Sessions has done virtually nothing, regardless of all the criminal activity that has taken place by Clinton, Comey, many in Obama’s administration, and likely by Obama himself. I believe Sessions has been quoted as saying that he will NOT prosecute Hillary — or any of the others — and his actions certainly say that is his decision.

      Yet he remains. I would like to blame Sessions. But this falls at President Trump’s feet.

      The swamp is so infested and corrupt and vast, I don’t know what will come of all of this. But I don’t like any of it.

      • Sessions pulled a huge dirty trick and now has the senate blocking his removal, so a full fledged anti-Trump democrat (Rosenstein) would take over. Or, Trump can fire 3 people and give the conniving Ryan a bad reason to impeach. The big puzzle over Sessions is his major betrayal of Trump and his bypassing 3 criminal referrals (Planned Parenthood, Hillary email, IRS). I seek the origins of the problem, which are not Trump.

    • That’s right, the conflicts of Mueller & Rosenstein are 1000 times greater than Sessions. Reasonable people use proportion in arguments rather than simplistic things such as Trump is in charge. The criminals & Sessions are the cause.

  2. ” It was John McCain who told an audience of Midshipmen at Annapolis that there must be “no more America First”.

    McCain and most of the politicians are globalists. ‘America first’ is anathema to these people, the opposite of what they want: the destruction of America as a free country, and the move toward one world government. The forces of globalism are vast and have been operating for many decades.

    • Michael, you better believe this is our ONLY, LAST CHANCE to reclaim this country. We absolutely, positively MUST protect this president with everything we have. That these treasonous bastards are so intent to bringing him down is testimony to just how many traitors are being harbored in Washington DC.

      The more Democrats, the Left, the Old Republican Guard throw tantrums, keep attacking Trump, the more crystal clear it all becomes. This man who seeks to “make America great again,” who seeks to put the best interests of our country first, makes him worthy of impeachment? After Obama blatantly violated our constitution no fewer than 22 times? Who literally defrauded the treasure out of MILLIONS, funneling money to radical Left wing groups both domestic and foreign? Who signed off on 20% of our uranium stores to Putin?

      Oh no my friend, this can NOT wait….Its now or never. Last call.

      • Judyann, I agree with every word you said. Everything is at stake. The hysteria of the globalists is at fever pitch, because they know all too well that all of their plans hinge on bringing President Trump down.

  3. I believe that any senator that votes for impeachment would not survive his/her next election cycle…unless from California, Illinois or New York. (These are the cesspools of America.)

  4. Senators don’t impeach, Representative do. If a president is impeached as Clinton was, the Senate would
    have to vote to remove him from office. T

    • I was talking about the conviction. Bannon was referencing the stipulation in the 25th Amendment that allows the majority of the cabinet and the Vice Presidant to decide but 2/3rds of the Congress then needs to agree. I elaborated in the paragraph and hope that’s clearer.

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