Gun Grabbing Senator Ties NYC Truck Terrorist to Assault Weapons


Senator Blumenthal outdid himself on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. The gun grabbing Senator saw an opportunity in the deaths and injuries caused by the truck terrorist, the Uzbek winner of Chuck Schumer’s random lottery — Sayfullo Saipov.

The preachy D.C. swamp rat said we were lucky he used a truck instead of an assault rifle.

“You know, what doesn’t quite square with all of this is the paintball gun and pellet gun and perhaps there was a fortunate aspect of this, that he wasn’t, didn’t have an assault weapon or something that would have literally killed tens or hundreds of people at that point,” the stolen valor senator said.

The evil terrorist could have made a bomb too Blumenthal. He could have had a machete.

“But the use of the trucks certainly is the M.O. that’s been used more and more by both ‘homegrown’ and foreign terrorists,” he said. Reference to homegrown is a sleight of hand. Many of these “homegrown” came as immigrants or are first generation of radical parents. Saipov was never an American and his family is unlikely to be Americans.

Blumenthal has to know that admitting anti-American immigrants who won’t assimilate into our society will destroy our culture. The fake Vietnam war hero doesn’t care.

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