Trump Volunteer Lies to FBI=Headlines, Bernie Volunteer An Assassin=Crickets



Until this week, virtually nobody’d heard of George Papadopoulos. But that changed big time when it was announced he pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Why the Martha Stewart, celebrity-like treatment for an unknown who’d entered his plea almost one full month ago?

There’s a very simple answer. George’s brief stint as a volunteer for the Trump Campaign was all the salivating, anti-Donald media needed to elevate his “process crime” to the same level as that of Martha’s fibbing to the FBI. Presto!! Headlines galore, and almost every one identified him, first and foremost, as an Ex-Trump Aide.

Compare that with the coverage Bernie Sanders volunteer, James Hodgkinson, received after attempting the cold blooded, calculated assassination of Republican Congressmen. You’d be extremely hard pressed to find any printed, bold type reports, primarily defining this would be political assassin as Ex-Sanders Volunteer, or Ex-Sanders Supporter.

Sure, there’s a significant difference between one person who tries to offer policy (Papadopoulos), and another (Hodgkinson), who’s working at a local campaign office. However, from all we have learned so far, the former got absolutely nowhere with his efforts, while the latter came within a whisker of murdering GOP leader Steve Scalise, while wounding 4 others.

Keeping a proper perspective, means recognizing that while there’s big distinction in each man’s “activism”, there is a much more profound and disturbing disparity in their respective offenses. After all, we’re talking about a Trump supporter committing a process crime vs. a Bernie volunteer who nearly carried out the premeditated murder of political foes.

We all know how the headlines would read if those conditions were reversed.



  1. The press won’t even refer to that incident as a assassination attempt! It clearly was planned and the NYTimes published the details of those baseball practices… and this idiot cased the place for weeks and weeks. He knew who he wanted to assassinate… Republican House and Senate members and their staff. It is incredible to me that the media so quickly framed the narrative about guns and a one-off nutty guy.

  2. Talk about fishing for anything to get to Trump! Should he even be able to reach that far back? The spin is so blatantly one sided. Now if it were George Stephanopoulos, we might have a story;)

  3. After hearing this man’s name bantered all about on Monday, I thought the same thing. Who the heck is this guy!?! I guess I wasn’t the only one who was out of the loop. Thanks for another fantastic compilation of thought. Something the left knows nothing about. They just throw talking points around and waits for one to stick.

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