1.2 million awaiting deportation will likely go free in the USA


As per open borders Biden’s orders, ICE announced Friday that it will allow illegal immigrants who have been ordered deported to beg for leniency. This is under President Biden’s new non-deportation guidelines, The Washington Times reports.

So far, ICE has 1.2 million people awaiting deportation. Almost all will be released. That number alone could turn our country into a one-party socialist hellhole.

Tae D. Johnson, acting director at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said the program is an exercise of “prosecutorial discretion.”

“The case review process provides an avenue for noncitizens and their representatives to request further review of the individual facts and circumstances of their case in light of ICE’s priorities for enforcement, detention, and removal, offering additional transparency into the immigration process,” the director said.

Migrants facing imminent deportation will be given priority in the review process, ICE said.

No one except the worst of the worst will be deported.

The only people who can be deported thanks to Biden are those who pose national security risks, those who became unauthorized migrants Nov. 1 or later, and those with the most serious criminal records are still considered deportable, but most others are not deemed priorities.

Those guidelines had applied to new arrests, but Mr. Johnson’s announcement appears to extend the guidelines to create a new avenue to challenge deportations.


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