New! King Cuomo staff had state health alter report of nursing home deaths


Top advisers to Gov. Andrew Cuomo convinced state health officials to omit the number of nursing home residents who died in hospitals from COVID-19 in an official report.

Will Hollywood take back his Emmy? Will Amazon ban sales of his deceitful book chronicling his great success with COV? Is this as bad as Dr. Seuss depicting Chinese people with chopsticks?


Instead, the July state Health Department report listed only the nursing home residents who died from the virus at their facilities. That meant an extraordinary undercounting of the total death toll of the state’s most vulnerable population, sources told The Wall Street Journal.

It confirms that the Cuomo administration possessed a more complete accounting of the COVID-nursing death count during the summer. They then waited eight more months to give up the true totals. That only came after they repeatedly stonewalled lawmakers and the media. Eventually, they lost a lawsuit and were the subject of a damning state attorney general report.

State officials now say more than 15,000 residents of nursing homes and other long-term-care facilities were confirmed or presumed to have died from Covid-19 since March of last year—counting both those who died in long-term-care facilities and those who died later in hospitals. That figure is about 50% higher than earlier official death tolls.

The media mostly concentrates on the sexual harassment complaints since MeTooing him might get him to resign and the nursing home deaths reveal media lies and misreporting.


New York state lawmakers moved Friday to rescind the emergency powers they granted to the Democrat to handle the coronavirus pandemic as feigned outrage over his sexual harassment and nursing home cover-up scandals continues to mount.

The New York state Senate backed the new restrictions on Cuomo’s executive authority by a party-line vote of 43-20 on Friday afternoon.

Lawmakers in the Assembly followed suit, voting 107-43 later Friday to strip Cuomo of the emergency powers.

This isn’t what Republican success looks like since the Left wants to replace him with someone much further left.


At least five aides have left Cuomo’s staff in the last week and reports have emerged of a toxic work environment even before the scandals. Two more just left with different excuses.

They don’t want to go down with the Cuomo ship.

The highest-profile aide to leave Cuomo’s staff so far is Gareth Rhodes, a top coronavirus aide, who announced his departure Wednesday after a guest at his wedding went public with allegations that Cuomo sexually harassed her at the reception afterward.

Rhodes is returning to his previous post at the state’s Wall Street regulator, the Department of Financial Services.

That same day, a spokesman in the governor’s press office, Will Burns, announced he was stepping down so he could prepare to take the entrance exams for law school.

And Cuomo’s press secretary Caitlin Girouard is putting in her final day on Cuomo’s staff Friday — after spending two years there.

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Tilted Brim Cigarillo Pancho
Tilted Brim Cigarillo Pancho
2 years ago

Sounds like rats scurrying down the ropes onto the side of a sinking ship.
I know it is best to be nice but I just don’t the like fellow travelers of the burn it all down brigades.
Saw a hilarious Cat in the Hat meme with a riff on how he doesn’t like Dementia Joe.
How about Hussein as Gepetto and Jo Jo as Pinocchio!

2 years ago

Gov. Cuomo is directly responsible for the deaths of over 10,000 Seniors; that is nothing less than genocide. We hanged people a Nuremberg for less. The Constitution forbids Nobility in the United States, but it sure looks like Democrat Politicians are endowed with a Status of Nobility and being above the Law. Few if any Democrat is ever held accountable for crimes. In America today, if a person commits mass murder with a gun, Democrats want to take that Constitutional Right away from The People, but if a Democrat Politician Commits mass murder by “Executive Order” he receives awards from other Democrats for his actions. People need to wake up an realize just how dangerous Democrat Politicians really are.