1/3rd of Gender-Confused Kids Get Sterilization Drugs at MN Children’s Hospital


The Chief Education Officer for Children’s Minnesota Hospital says that approximately 33% of gender-confused children who come to them are given sterilization medications.

She notes that they mostly engage in voice therapy and putting children in shapewear, which is not a medical intervention. It may not be a medical intervention, but it’s an intervention that can cause real harm to mentally troubled youth who aren’t getting the care they need.

“Probably a third or less of our patients receive any type of medication, and for those that do receive medications, there are essentially two categories of medications: reversible puberty suppressing medications that we can use to pause a child’s puberty once they start puberty, so really, kids who are adolescents. And then, partially reversible hormone treatments which are affirming the gender expression and gender identity of older adolescents, so 15,16, 17-year-old adolescents.”

These people are sick.

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