Mexico Files a Brief Against Texas SB4


The cartel-driven communist nation of Mexico filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday to claim Texas SB4 could lead to harassment, arrest, and expulsion of Mexican citizens and people who look Latino.

Mexico makes a lot of money off the United States, especially the cartels.

Mexico is adopting the progressive language and agenda of open borders. As a failing foreign nation, one should ask why they would have any say.

SB4 has a process that protects people from unfair enforcement. If a suspected illegal alien has documentation, the person won’t be detained. People who are arrested will get to see an immigration judge.

The Left and Mexico want to make this about race, which is not true.

Mexico’s statement in part:

On behalf of the Government of Mexico, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns the entry into force of Texas law SB4, which seeks to stop the flow of migrants by criminalizing them and encouraging the separation of families, discrimination, and racial profiling that violates the human rights of the migrant community.

As stated, since the law was debated in the Texas legislature last year, Mexico categorically rejects any measure that allows state or local authorities to exercise immigration control and to arrest and return nationals or foreigners to Mexican territory.

Obrador has said that US open borders is the world’s human right.

Mexico also questions legal provisions that affect the human rights of the more than 10 million people of Mexican origin who live in Texas and give rise to hostile environments in which the migrant community is exposed to hate speech, discrimination, and racial profiling.

Mexico reiterates its legitimate right to protect the rights of its nationals in the United States and to determine its own policies regarding entry into its territory. Mexico recognizes the importance of a uniform migration policy and the bilateral efforts with the United States to ensure that migration is safe, orderly, and respectful of human rights and is not affected by state or local legislative decisions. In this regard, Mexico will not accept, under any circumstances, repatriations by the State of Texas.

Mexico City April 8 2022. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Mexican president, attended his press conference this morning in Palacio Nacional.
This is Wrong

Mexico wants to control US immigration policy. The Biden administration sides with the traffickers and drug dealers of Mexico. Biden or his handlers probably called President Obrador and asked him to do it.

Obrador and his gang-ridden administration are not our friends. When he stops the cartels, we can talk.

Bats**t crazy Karine Jean-Pierre said Tuesday that SB 4 is “harmful and unconstitutional.” She is not telling the truth. It could be that she’s clueless, but it’s not likely.

You should know that Democrat candidates campaign in Mexico for people who have dual citizenship but would never live in the United States.

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