1 day after Inauguration, MD gov says we have to get kids back in school


A normal person would be embarrassed to put this up. He tanked the economy, put mom and pop businesses into bankruptcy, destroyed the children’s education for nearly a year. And one day after senile Joe is in office, we need the children back in school.

If the science was clear on January 21st, it was clear before that.

What a despicable person. And it’s reasonably certain that many people in Maryland know it was all to get rid of Trump. They did nothing.

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Oddball's Sherman Stereo Speaker
Oddball's Sherman Stereo Speaker
3 years ago

I do like the Eight O’ Clock coffee from the glorious people’s republic of Maryland.
It is best to try and find something positive in every steaming pile.
The educrats be like all smart and stuff and they can see the taxpayer feeding trough is almost empty and with the virtual learning they may have to justify their exorbitant salaries like people in the real world.
Our Papa Dear Joe will look out for his union comrades as long as they are not pipe fitters.
Keep those union dues coming comrades for the good of the collective.
Haben sie das Unity? (do you have the unity)
Unity is minty fresh and all the cool kids are doing it. (not really)