10 members of Hallandale Beach Swat resign after chief takes a knee, politicizing the job


Ten members of the Hallandale Beach, Florida SWAT have resigned from the team, not the police department, because they are at too much risk of attacks from their city officials. It’s dangerous. The officials will target them over anything and everything, like not taking a knee.

They were concerned that the Chief knelt to help a candidate running for office. While officials denied it was political, all of this is political.

Hallandale Beach Police Chief Sonia Quinones received a memo, dated June 9, from members of the SWAT team Friday morning, according to City Manager Greg Chavarria.

In the memo, the officers say that the risk of doing their jobs is no longer acceptable, the team is “minimally equipped” and claimed that city commissioners have openly disrespected officers individually.

“The risk of carrying out our duties in this capacity is no longer acceptable to us and our families,” the memo reads. “The anguish and stress of knowing that what we may be lawfully called upon to do in today’s political climate combined with the team’s current situation and several recent local events, leave us in a position that is untenable.”

Now, they only have Democrats left on SWAT. Fine, let them take that extreme risk.

City Manager Chavarria denied it was political, but we all know that’s not true. The team were also concerned about inadequate equipment. We don’t know anything about the equipment.

Chavarria said:

The City of Hallandale Beach continues to have special weapons and tactics coverage through regional mutual aid, which the City has used for SWAT operations in the past. While the voluntary resignation of our officers from this assignment is unfortunate, our residents should be assured it has not had any impact on our commitment to protecting their safety. Also, while these officers have resigned from the SWAT Team, they have not resigned from the Department.

The officers who submitted their resignation from their SWAT assignment include the newly elected president of the IUPA Police Union. They specifically mention their displeasure with the Chief joining members of our community in taking a knee against racism, hatred, and intolerance earlier this week. They have incorrectly stated the gesture was in support of an elected official. This is simply not true.


Memorandum of Resignation f… by Sabrina Lolo on Scribd

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