Irony! Chicago mayor will hold lounging police accountable, rioters, not so much


Suddenly, Mayor Lori Lightfoot wants accountability and standards of behavior from 13 officers who lounged in a congressman’s office after it was broken into during the riots. Congressman Bobby Rush is upset that someone made coffee and popped his popcorn in his office. His office was broken into by lunatics but that didn’t bother him, the mayor, or the media.

They’re all horrified but any police officers who tried to do their jobs and were vilified or hurt for it does not bother them or the media all that much.

Lori Lightfoot didn’t give a hoot about the poor black neighborhoods (check out the info below), and she is using this incident to distract from her incompetence.

There will be consequences for the police, but not for the rioters.

It’s so odd. They hate the police because they are too hard on these innocent rioters, but they don’t want them lounging either. They want them shot at and beaten.

We’re not saying don’t discipline, but they’re out for blood against them and not the criminals.

Lori’s hair looks good though. She had the salon open up for her during the stay-at-home orders.


What you need to know is how Lori and others didn’t care at all about the damage to poor, black neighborhoods. You need to know how stupid some of the aldermen are.

Read this:

Aldermen crying, cursing over destruction, police in armed combat with anarchists

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