100 Groups Beg Biden to Reverse His Dirty Deal in Haiti


A broad coalition of more than 100 faith and advocacy groups is calling on the Biden administration to cut support for dictator Ariel Henry. They didn’t refer to his dirty deal, but he did make one. Biden allowed Henry to take power in exchange for helping him look better. Henry took some Haitians back who were under living a bridge in Del Rio. In exchange for Biden withdrawing support for democratic elections. Now, Haitians are tortured, starving, and rioting.

The coalition says Henry’s party is at the center of Haiti’s deepening political and humanitarian crisis, MSN reports.

The poor nation has a serious food shortage and high fuel prices. It has led to rioting.

In a letter sent on Thursday to President Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Assistant Secretary of State Brian Nichols, the groups wrote the situation in Haiti “has deteriorated to a ‘new normal’ characterized by constant fear of kidnapping and violence, a near total lack of accountability, and a growing humanitarian crisis on every front.”

“This crisis is the direct result of the corrupt, repressive rule of the Pati Ayisyen Tèt Kale (PHTK) and its associates over the past decade. PHTK has systematically dismantled democratic institutions, committed crimes against humanity, performed arbitrary arrests and dismissed legitimate judges, targeted journalists, looted the treasury, supported gangs, and generated massive inflation,” wrote the groups.

Henry is suspected of having planned the assassination of the former President.  Henry is close to one of the men accused of the murder, Joseph Felix Badio. He has denied any involvement.


Joe Biden and his team are responsible for installing Henry as the dictator, posing as a Prime Minister. As Haiti was about to have its first democratic elections, Biden agreed to the elimination of elections. All Henry had to do is take back thousands of Haitians who made it to Del Rio. As thousands of Haitians lived in deplorable conditions under a bridge in Del Rio, Democrat poll numbers went down. Democrats feared losing in the November elections, so they sold out for deportations.

According to Todd Bensman of CIS, “Daniel Foote, the Biden- appointed former US special envoy to Haiti, says the administration has supported Dr. Ariel Henry. He took power as both acting prime minister and acting president after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise — because he was willing to accept Haitian migrants who have rushed the US border.

At that time, everyone knew Henry was likely involved in the murder of the former Prime Minister.

“Henry was supposed to have organized new elections by now. But in September 2021, a large group of Haitian migrants camped in Del Rio, Texas, and images of the encampment — including border agents on horseback trying to prevent them from crossing the river — caused a political headache for President Biden,” Bensman said.

Henry agreed to take in deported Haitians, Foote says. And the Biden administration stopped pushing for democracy in the Caribbean nation.

“I am confident that the chief reason they did that is his [Henry’s] malleability and the fact that he agreed that he would take all the deportees that they wanted to send. It wasn’t long after that . . . we started putting them on planes,” Foote told Todd Bensman.

“The US carried out a non-democratic transfer of power.” Democrats in the US who scream about threats to democracy are responsible.

Henry is a leader with no domestic checks on power — a dictator. This is who Democrats chose to lead Haiti.


Watch the clips:

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