Yale Professor Emeritus on the Biggest Pandemic Lie – Treatment


Steve Deace, a Blaze TV show host, asked Dr. Harvey Risch about the biggest COVID lie in the past 29 months. He immediately went to treatment for the disease and one medication in particular.

Dr. Harvey Risch said the biggest lie is the FDA page on Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). It has been up for two years. “It’s a fraud,” he said.

The page says HCQ should not be used in big, bold letters due to the risk of adverse events. Underneath, it said in small print, “We base this warning on adverse events we witnessed in the treatment of hospitalized patients.” He said there are two things about this. First, COVID-19 is a completely different disease in outpatients and inpatients.


Outpatients have the symptoms of the standard flu or bad cold. By day 8, patients advance to a more pulmonary illness, a pneumonia-like illness, where the immune system overreacts and deposits a lot of immune debris in the lungs, making breathing and oxygenation difficult. That is the kind of acute respiratory distress symptom that requires hospitalization.

Before ivermectin was marginalized as “horse de-wormer”, hydroxychloroquine was being vilified as “fish tank cleaner.” ~ Twitter User

It’s a totally different disease and unrelated to the outpatient treatment, and requires different treatment.

Nevertheless, the FDA says they base their recommendation on outpatient treatment on hospital experience.


Second, if the FDA actually had any evidence to support adverse events in the treatment of outpatients, it would have said that. If they had evidence of outpatients in treatment, they would have used that, Dr. Risch said. Since they didn’t use that, it proves they didn’t have systematic evidence of outpatient ill effects in using HCQ in outpatients.

The suppression of HCQ began before the pandemic and before President Trump even said anything. It started in the fall of 2019 when the Minister of Health in France changed the status of HCQ from an over-the-counter medication to a prescription-only medication. She used a false excuse that HCQ caused genetic damage.

And to take an experimental product never used before in mass population with no long term safety data for which the manufacturer was immune to liability for and they mandated it.

~ Twitter User

“This is completely impossible. This medication’s been used in tens of billions of doses in hundreds of millions of people for half a century or more. It is one of the most important medications on the World Health Organization’s list of the top fifty required medicines. It’s used in pregnant women and infants, and children. It’s just one of the safest medications known. Yet, the FDA had the nerve to purport that a medication everyone knows is safe… is suddenly unsafe. And by the way, we’re not showing you any data that it is unsafe. Had this medication been used from the outset of the pandemic, it would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives that were needlessly lost,” Dr. Risch said.

[the officials rejected all treatment options, claiming only a vaccine could save us.]

He added that a year was lost waiting for vaccines that would not have been as important and might not have been needed at all.


“So, this is the biggest lie,” he concluded. “This pandemic was not used to protect the health of the population. It was used to sell vaccines and patent medications at tremendous, tremendous profit to the Pharma industry with the collusion of the FDA and the CDC. This is the nature of what we’ve been fighting over the last two-and-a-half years. Not the virus per se, but our corrupted response to the virus.”

[Public health officials rejected treatment from the onset, and they wonder where the conspiracy theories come from.]

Dr. Harvey Risch is Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health. His work has been cited nearly 50k times. He’s also an MD. 


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Judyann Joyner, RN
Judyann Joyner, RN
1 year ago

As an RN, ret, had time and experience doing research. First day I heard the word, “Covid,” I began doing that research.

One of my early discoveries was this:
Drs Birx, Hahn, Redfield and ESPECIALLY Dr Fauci knew, DAY ONE, that HCQ WAS the drug of choice to treat Corona viruses.

In 2005, Fauci’s OWN NIH did the study which proclaimed Chloroquine to be, “POTENT,” against Corona Viruses. Just as they knew and KNOW HCQ happens to be among the SAFEST drugs on the market. It is safer than the tylenol most people have in their medicine cabinets.


By late spring, 2020, they ALSO knew among 8 Sub Sahara nations (with 3rd world medical care), their COMBINED population of 557 million people had just 408 cases of Covid, ONLY 14 DEATHS. The only common denominator is that these countries are Malaria nations, with the entire population on HCQ regimens.

The problem is this, with a known treatment, they could NOT get EUA, emergency use authorization for The Jab.

I learned during the Obama regime just HOW dishonest is the CDC. When hundreds of thousands of Obama’s DACA kids poured in, MILLIONS of American children were exposed to more than THREE DOZEN DEADLY DISEASES. State health officials where Refugee holding facilities were located, BEGGED to have those children quarantined. Instead, Obama expedited distributing them all over the country via PUBLIC Transporation.

When our children were pouring into ER’s by the HUNDREDS, those diseases were so rare or did not exist at all, doctors trying to treat those children had NO IDEA WHAT they were seeing. The CDC WITHHELD LIFE SAVING information to the public INCLUDING doctors.

Many of our children’s deaths were labeled, “a mysterious flu like” or “mysterious polio like,” virus. They always knew what it was but WITHHELD that information. Many of our children died; many who survived were left permanently crippled.

Lyons lee
Lyons lee
1 year ago

Truth Be Told Podcast: “It’s Even Later than You Thought” September 17, 2022Many covid links in body of podcast.

1 year ago

But the vaxes kill, sicken and maim for life but are touted as the cure. F-ing liars.

1 year ago

Government involvement in any aspect of Medicine is dangerous!