100 Rioters Tore Through Portland Causing $500K in damage, Police Had to Do Nothing


The fact of the matter is without being able to use pepper spray, without being able to use our 40mm less-lethal devices in that kind of environment, it really prevents us from having access to the tools we need in large part to keep ourselves safe.

~ Portland Police Officer

One hundred rioters tore through Portland causing more than $500,000 worth of damage. The police did NOTHING because a woke new law stops them using pepper spray or tear gas.

You didn’t hear this in the legacy media, did you?

The riot police all quit a while back when one was charged after trying to stop a rioter, who claimed she was just a reporter.

“Does that mean we are now like a lawless city, anyone can come in and just bash around and do all the damage they want without any repercussions whatsoever?” asked one resident. Lt. Jake Jensen said not exactly, since there’s always the potential for results in follow-up investigations.

Obviously, they are lawless.

Police stood idle as rioters destroyed the city, citing a new law that prevents law enforcement from using means of crowd control like pepper spray, tear gas or incapacitating projectiles.

Cops added they have not received full clarity on the bill’s limits, so are following the most restrictive interpretation of it.

If they don’t have the details, the city council will have them charged. They take the side of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and criminals.

Antifa rioters tore through the city following a memorial for an activist killed in October 2019, whose mother organized the protest and called it a “night of rage and anger”. She wanted to see as many Black Bloc as possible.

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