This Is Your Life Without the Police


Police reform is really working – for criminals and road ragers. One example in New York City has three civilian “traffic enforcement agents” handling a traffic accident. They tried speaking to a driver who had them sized up. Their uniforms were obviously NYPD but not police. They looked like crossing guards, and they have no authority. They’re basically targets.

The driver certainly saw them as targets. This is your life without the police.

These insane laws will eventually get one of these people killed. Bring back the police.

Watch the clips:



  1. Calling an unarmed “Bobby” is just plan stupid. There aren’t many deputies in my county and all the criminals (and hot heads) know it. There’s no one to protect the criminals from the citizens.

    I love living in a county where if some one having a road wage episode tries to enter your car you just shoot them. After all, if they are trying to break into your car, or your house, you logically have to assume it’s to harm you. Why else would they be trying to break in?

    When a burglar breaks in to your house, seconds count, and the Police are only minutes away. I, like most people with common sense, assume anyone breaking into your house is hell bent on doing harm if to you if you’re in the house, You shouldn’t have to ask him if he plans on killing you before you naturalize them with a 12ga rifled slug at 2 am in the morning. Why did he break in if he wasn’t up to no good? If doing you harm wasn’t on the table, he would have politely knocked. After all, the sign on the fence says “No Trespassing”. I guess you could add a sign saying, “No Breaking and Entering” too.

    Where I live people beep their horn before coming through the gate. Where I live coming on to someone’s property unannounced can get you shot, especially at night! That’s the way it should be! Where I live if the cops found the guy in the Video, he is likely to end up as Gator Bait. Attacking Peace Officers in Rural America is Suicide by Cop. (And should be!) Just because Liberals want to live in uncivilized communities with high crime and crazy people it doesn’t mean I have too.

    If an arm citizen had come to the Bobby’s defense in my county and naturalized the scumbag, he would get a medal. In NYC, he would probably get 20 years in Jail. I’m sorry, but Peace Officers have a right to go home to their families and criminals should get what they deserve. It seems like the “justice system” in most Blue Cities are there to protect the criminals. There’s something wrong with that!

  2. People are testy and on a short fuse in the unity collective utopia.
    Don’t they know that they live in a post human paradise ran by enlightened faculty lounge beings?
    Had some motorists get bird flippy yesterday and I returned the favor.
    A James Bond mobile with a flatulence cloud sprayer would be right on time!

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