Unvaxxed Washington State Coach Nick Rolovich Is Out


Washington State football coach Nick Rolovich is out following WOKE Governor Inslee’s vaccine mandate. Inslee even mentioned Rolovich by name in the announcement, saying the rules apply to the Washington State head coach as well.

There has been months of speculation over whether the Cougars head coach would be allowed to stay past the Monday deadline for vaccination.

He did not get an approved vaccination and he’s out.

As reported by The Oregonian Monday evening, Rolovich and his unvaccinated assistants have been terminated by the university with cause.

In August, a Washington state mandate was announced requiring employees working in K-12 up to higher education to be vaccinated. All employees working in school facilities had until October 18 to be fully vaccinated or risk losing their jobs.



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    The usual suspects are on that list and all anointed apparatchik class.

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