104 shot in Chicago, 14 dead in one weekend


Last year, according to Attorney General Bill Barr, there were 10 cases of police shooting unarmed Black people, and 6 of those were attacking police at the time. The Washington Post reported that their database of police shootings indicates that there were 55 incidents in which police shot and killed unarmed individuals in 2019. Twenty-five were white and 14 black. While Black people are only 13-15% of the population, they commit an inordinate number of crimes.  That is fact but the media says it’s racism to repeat that fact.

So, say it’s 14, and most were committing crimes at the time, why are we concentrating on that instead of Democrat-controlled cities like Chicago that kill that many Black people in a weekend, destroying families.

This past weekend, in the Black areas of Chicago, 104 people were shot and 14 were killed. Five children were among the 14 people killed, including a 3-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl killed in separate shootings in Austin on Saturday.

A lot of innocent people die in these gang fights, gang retributions, and other criminal activities.

Chicago saw its highest number of gun violence victims in a single weekend this year. Five of those killed were minors.

The weekend saw more shooting victims but fewer fatalities than the last weekend of May, when 85 people were shot, 24 of them fatally — Chicago’s most deadly weekend in years.


In a Sunday news conference, Chicago Police Supt. David Brown said they arrest hundreds for gun crimes and they’re out the next day [Democrat judges].

Superintendent Brown frequently repeats the need to keep violent offenders in jail and revamp the home monitoring system, explaining it’s simply not working.

He said CPD officers risked their lives this weekend only for those offenders to likely be put right back on the street.

During the Memorial weekend riots, Chicago’s cops issued 300 dispersal orders to crowds each day over the Memorial Day weekend. They also confiscated 216 guns — 68 more than last year — and arrested 86 people for gun offenses.

Chief Brown tried surging police into high-crime areas to tamp down violence. Yet he was quickly second-guessed by aldermen for stripping officers from their districts, Chicago Sun-Times reports.

They could always do what they’ve been doing — put up more signs.

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