CHAZ-CHOPeans segregate Black people, shoot others, second shooting Sunday


CHAZ/CHOP, the new Antifa-Black Lives Matter nation in downtown Seattle, set up borders immediately and they don’t let undesirable immigrants come in. They have crime there, including murder, but they take care of it themselves. They had a second shooting late last night. Police are banned so it’s hard to get details. One of their demands is to defund and dismantle the police, but their experiment with no police appears to be a failure.

They now have set up a segregated Black area, setting us back to Jim Crow with a preference for Black people.

They have too many guns given the fact that some or most of them are insane.

The first shooting that left the 19-year-old dead and a 33-year-old man in critical condition was preceded by this fight:

There was a second shooting in the idyllic summer of love locale on Sunday night, leaving one person in critical condition. This was within 48 hours of a shooting that left the 19-year-old man dead and the other in critical condition.

The Chopistanis insist on taking the wounded to the hospital themselves.

One man who was there:

Seattle Police have not yet confirmed the second shooting but someone is in the hospital with a gunshot wound.

The police released this raw video from the first shooting.

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