11% more Americans want the government out of their lives


A Fox News poll found that Republicans are driving the 11% increase in Americans who want a less involved federal government.

Nearly half, 47 percent, say the message they would like to give the federal government is “leave me alone,” up from 36 percent a year ago.

As for others, 44 percent say they would tell the government “lend me a hand.” That’s down significantly from 57 percent who felt that way last August.

That shift comes almost completely from Republicans. A year ago, they were more likely to ask the government to “leave me alone” than “lend a hand” by a slim 3-point margin (48-45 percent).

Republicans are firmly in the back-off camp by 56 points (75-19 percent).

Some 69 percent of Socialist Democrats would tell the government “lend me a hand.” It was 71 percent in 2020. They love the freebies.

Three-quarters of Americans earning less than $50,000 say that rising grocery and gas prices are causing budgetary concerns for their families. Over half of those earning more than $100,000 agree.

Few seem to realize this is all deliberate. The government is making more and more of us dependent on the government so we need more and more of their help.

The Socialist Democrat Party only believes in centralized government at this point.

The increase is a plus, but, apparently, we still have a lot of Americans who like the government telling them what to do as long as the money keeps coming in. The fact that the government is causing the crisis doesn’t seem to matter.

The government is everywhere and in everything we do. That’s the price you pay for their generosity with other people’s money — no freedom.

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The Great Leap Forward
The Great Leap Forward
11 months ago

Sadly a majority of the population is OK (racist!) with this.
Went to the I’d buy that for a dollar store yesterday to get some cleaning supplies and paper goods and it took almost an hour with everyone swiping their EBT cards.
African tribal garb, full Muslim gear, including the cashier, and infantile Karens prattling on about I like the spring time and flowers but not winter, hee hee!
Obese purple haired “yass kween” were there and young white girls in the latest twerk it baby fashions that any parent worth a damn wouldn’t let them go out in public dressed like that.
Pajeet and Paki cab drivers were there as well with the Fundamental Transformation enrichment that no one voted for.
All Red States are on the dartboard for the enrichment but don’t get demoralized.

Historic Treebark Czar
Historic Treebark Czar
11 months ago

Total government is communism.

G. Edward Griffin

The replacements love a cargo cult government of redistribution über alles which is they are being bused and flown all over to fundamentally transform what is left of a once great republic.
Today Georgia and tomorrow the world from Lil’ Chuckie wasn’t just a soundbyte for the comrades.
Voted for Trump did you kulak untermenschen scum?
We’ll just import some new voters.