Irrelevant SCOTUS? DC judge allows the ban on evictions to stand


The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that landlords could challenge a tenant’s self-certified claim of financial hardship, but they didn’t block the tenant’s right to declare hardship. Apparently, the Supreme Court is becoming irrelevant. A federal judge in DC turned around today and decided to allow Biden’s eviction moratorium to remain in place. She said she does not have the authority to block it despite her concerns that it’s illegal.

Of course, it’s illegal to make some Americans pay the rent of other Americans with no restrictions whatsoever. A blanket ban is more than socialism — it’s communism.

U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich in DC said she was bound by a previous ruling from the appeals court that said the CDC possessed the authority to impose an eviction ban under the guise of public health.

So, the CDC can pass laws now.

The judge said she needs an eviction order blocking the latest eviction ban.

Pay your own damn rent welfare mooches! We are all struggling. This hurts the people who really need help and deserve a helping hand.

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