11 Shot by Non-White Supremacists During Denver Nuggets Celebration


Eleven people were shot in downtown gun-controlled Denver after the Nuggets won the NBA Final. The team’s superstar doesn’t even want to stay for the parade. Smart move, given the violence.

There is a reasonable certainty that it wasn’t a white supremacist attack since it was a drug deal gone wrong, which says GANG VIOLENCE, not gun violence.

Denver Police Cmdr. of Major Crimes Matt Clark provided an update on the shooting on Tuesday morning. Two suspects were taken into custody on weapons-related charges after the shooting and five firearms were confiscated, along with fentanyl pills bundled in multiple bags.

They were prohibited from having guns so how did they get them in carefully-gun-controlled Denver? Bystanders were hurt. Too bad they weren’t armed. Normal people can’t have guns in Denver. It might control this sort of thing if the bad guys knew others could shoot them.


Multiple shootings sent 11 people to the hospital early Tuesday morning after thousands flocked downtown to celebrate the Denver Nuggets’ historic NBA Finals win, celebrating into the early morning hours.

Just before 1 a.m., the Denver Police Department tweeted that they were investigating a shooting in the 2000 block of Market Street.

DPD said nine gunshot victims were located and that they identified a suspect who also had a gunshot wound.

Three victims were in critical condition at a local hospital, and the other victims appeared to have non-life-threatening injuries, according to DPD.

What’s the problem? Drugs are legal all over Denver, and the dealers never face too much oppression by these mean police officers. We invite all that in from across our open borders. Denver needs to be its own state with walls around it to keep the criminals in. They’re bringing the rest of the state down.

You won’t hear much about this in the media. The media favors gangs, drugs, traffickers, lunatics, and cartels.

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