12-15k criminals to be released monthly but it’s much worse than that


Stephen Miller, the former senior policy advisor to Donald J. Trump, explained the latest immigration memorandum on Tucker’s show last night.

Joe Biden did not simply stop deportations with this memo, he stopped all deportations, including deportations of criminals. It gets worse, as we’ve reported.

Miller said, “On the evening of January 20th, putting into place a 100-day deportation moratorium. There’s [sic] very narrow exceptions in that memorandum applied to only a handful of people in a given year, some spies, and really extraordinary cases. But the 180,000 people that I removed last year, those same 180,000 people, could not be removed this year. Of those 180,000 people, Tucker, 92% of them are criminals, convicted of a crime. In this memo, there is no exception clause for criminals.”

Operationally, it means the work of ICE officers will “grind to a halt” beginning February 1st. That’s the day “ICE has to come up with implementing guidance for the memo.” Every police department, every sheriff’s office, every correctional facility in the country for illegal aliens will no longer pick up illegal aliens. You cannot pick up people you can’t deport. ICE is not a jail, and you cannot pick up people that you cannot deport.

Based on last year’s numbers, ICE will begin to release 12,000 [foreign] to 15,000 criminals a month into our communities.

It gets worse yet. Anyone who comes as a student or a worker can stay, even if their visas expire. If you don’t show up in immigration court, you can’t be deported. If you are ordered removed, can you be deported? No!


Since this is the “bread and butter” of ICE work, the Sentinel believes Democrats plan to abolish ICE. We are fully open borders now, at least for 100 days. Millions will pour in, giving Democrats their permanent electoral majority.




  1. And not a word from Mitch or Kevin. The republican party is dead. Our anger will not subside. The backlash against the party will be huge. Party leaders opposed border security, and hated Trump.

  2. They know damn well that black and spanish gangs run human trafficking here they’re legalizing prostitution as well so they won’t be looking for the criminals anymore and are actively making slave trade easier in the US. There will be a race war but it’s gonna be between the cartels and black gangs for total supremacy over the us and since the cartel has already taken over south america we know who’s better equipped and more dangerous

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