12 “George Floyds” murdered in Chicago last weekend–more proof black lives don’t matter


In the bloodiest weekend so far this year, 54 people were shot in Chicago, 12 of them fatally. More proof that black lives don’t matter.

Ineffective Mayor Lori Lightfoot identified 10 community areas where most of the shootings takes place. Fifty percent of the shooting victims were within these 10 community areas. They comprise only 15 percent of the city’s population, as noted in the mayor’s report.

Translation, most of the shootings occur in black neighborhoods. More proof that black lives don’t matter.

The level of violence increases every weekend. In one case, a man was shot 11 times while standing in front of his home. A 15-year-old boy was shot in the head on his porch and pronounced dead at the hospital. Victims and shooters are increasing becoming younger and younger. More proof black lives don’t matter.

Two men sitting in a car were found with multiple gunshot wounds. Both were pronounced dead at the hospital. Another man standing on a street corner was shot multiple times in the face and body. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Three men were shot at Washington Park. One man who was shot in the back was pronounced dead at the hospital. More proof that black lives don’t matter.

Two men were shot multiple times at West Garfield Park. Both men, in their 20s, died at the hospital. A young man and woman were shot at an East Garfield Park convenience store. Both of them also died in the hospital.

George Floyd’s death last year sparked riots across the country. But the murder of 12 “George Floyds” in Chicago only gets a footnote in the news. In most cases, there are no suspects, few arrests, and even fewer convictions.

Shootings and murders are so frequent and common place in Chicago that the local news doesn’t even publish the names of the victims anymore. The Chicago Sun Times article ended by stating, “At least 42 other people were wounded between 5 p.m. Friday and 5 a.m. Monday.” More proof that black lives just don’t matter.

Image from: fox32chicago.com

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