Illegal aliens are invading from 160 countries — Dems invited them


As Axios reported yesterday, the number of people attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border from countries beyond Mexico and Central America’s Northern Triangle — including residents of Haiti, Cuba, Romania, Yemen, and India — has spiked during recent months.

The illegal aliens are coming from 160 countries.

Axios noted that on top of problems in home countries, the growing backlog of asylum cases in the U.S. — which almost allows migrants [illegal aliens] to live and work in the country as their case plays out in court — is being conveyed to friends and relatives.

From numerous sources, we know they are flying into countries south of the border or simply flying into the USA to get in illegally. People don’t go to a country halfway around the world for asylum if they are that desperate. They go to a neighboring country. This is an invasion.


Axios writes, “When border enforcement resources are overwhelmed, some smugglers and migrants [illegal aliens] also see it as an opportune time to cross — regardless of their clients’ origin, Jessica Bolter of the Migration Policy Institute told Axios.”

By the numbers: Last month, the Border Patrol encountered more than 33,000 people crossing into the U.S. from nations other than Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, according to Department of Homeland Security data, Axios writes.

That’s up from about 9,000 in January.

It’s also an increase of 35% from March — even as numbers from the Northern Triangle fell slightly during that time period.

Border agents have encountered migrants [illegal aliens] from more than 160 countries in recent months, the New York Times reported, with notable spikes in Ecuadorians, Brazilians, and Venezuelans.


Rep. Jason Smith (R-Mo.) told Axios that when he visited the border with other Republican colleagues this month, they witnessed a family of five Romanians surrendering to Border Patrol in Yuma, Arizona.

A Reuters photographer has reportedly witnessed nearly 200 Romanians crossing the border into Texas.

Actually, 2,000 Romanians came into the country illegally last month.

Border Patrol agents have encountered an unaccompanied 1-year-old from Ecuador, two teenagers from Bangladesh, a 14-year-old from India, and a 17-year-old from Armenia during recent days, according to government data provided to Axios.

“Immigration from Central America is important,” Cris Ramón, an independent research consultant and open borders proponent told Axios, “but we can no longer assume that that’s going to be the only source of immigrants coming to the U.S.-Mexico border, because of the fact that immigrants are far more mobile, with being able to fly to countries like Mexico.”

Axios notes, “The Customs and Border Protection agency confirmed to Congress in March that four people arrested at the border since Oct. 1 match names on the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database.”

“Three were from Yemen and one was from Serbia.”


It’s also important to note that ICE and Border Patrol can deport almost no one as Biden and his staff lie, claiming the border is not open.

Biden has opened the borders and canceled law enforcement. We are no longer the USA or the Constitutional Republic thanks to this very dangerous administration. And these people are bringing their communist values with them, plus we are getting a lot of criminals. We will soon mirror the hellholes they left.

Watch — this goes on all day and night, every day and night:

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RLA Bruce
RLA Bruce
2 years ago

All Leftists should be required to sponsor every illegal alien who breaks into our country–and they must PERSONALLY provide all their food, clothing, shelter, education and healthcare. Why should the rest of us pay? WE never invited them!

2 years ago

It’s pretty simple, Democrats hate America.

2 years ago

Replacements gonna replace and fear of the racism tag is used to obscure the truth.
Facts and truth don’t matter in the stale reheated third rate faculty lounge attempt at Bolshevik Revolution part two.
Trump wasn’t riding down the street in a gold encrusted chariot while the comrades dig in dumpsters for supper.
Tweets are just texts on a screen at the end of the day.