18 Children, 1 Adult Murdered in an Uvalde Texas Elementary – Updated


Salvador Ramos, age 18, shot and killed 18 children, and 2 adults in Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Ramos is also dead. There are about 13 injured in local hospitals.

Screenshot via Breaking 911

The story is updated since Gov. Abbott gave his report. Texas Senator Roland Gutierrez just confirmed to CNN that 18 children and 1 adult was killed in the shooting. The Senator says the shooter’s grandmother is still alive but in critical condition.

The story is developing and information might change.

Ramos was allegedly a murder suspect and there was a bolo on his truck. That isn’t confirmed. Early reports also said he was in the country illegally and was pursued by Border Patrol at the time of the crime. That was misinformation. It turns out a CBP source told Bill Melugin that a Border Patrol agent was injured by gunfire while responding to the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School. Border Patrol was NOT involved in any pursuit in relation to this incident, despite rumors to the contrary.

Other reports say he shot his grandmother before he went to the school.

Almost immediately, the anti-gun left talked about gun control. We don’t even know the details yet.


Earlier Report:

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1 year ago

We are losing another Generation. Today children are being isolated from society in general. They live mostly in a virtual world created by computer games and Smart phones. Parents don’t relate to their children and in School they are just groomed into “Social Justice Warriors” out of context with the Real World around them. No one is explaining the Real World to them and in times like these; War, Recession heading into Depression, Stolen Elections, Government lying to them, A Hoax Virus that lead to Lockdowns, and Government Institutions failing, our kids look ahead into a hopeless future.

I spend a minimum of 10 hours a week, sometimes a lot more, communicating with my daughter, not just talking to her. We discuss Gas Prices, Inflation and the coming Depression, the Stolen 2020 Election, the up coming November Election, Arts, Music, Science, boys, and her problems at school. She thinks most of her Generation is a Basket Case and she attends a upscale private school. A few of her friends have told me they just can’t talk to their parents and that my daughter was really lucky. Right now, I have my daughter looking at local politicians and making a choice based on her research, even though she can’t vote yet. She can’t wait until she turns 18 and can vote for President Trump in 2024. She understands America First and why that is the only position for a Patriotic American to have. Why does she think this way? She watches Conservative News because she learned years ago to fact check News Stories. She can readily spot propaganda, even on Real America’s Voice, News Max, and FOX. She doesn’t watch CNN anymore because she thinks it’s just a waste of time. Occasionally, she watches the network news just to see what Liberals are up to.

This is what it takes to be a good parent, but it also takes a community that understands that a Nation can only survive if it believes in itself and its institutions. I live in a Very Red primarily ranching community. Our schools need to teach our children to spot propaganda and stop indoctrinating them with propaganda.

So, what was the Grandmother connection? Was he living with his Grandmother? If so, where is his parents? No one seems to have any information on them. He was evidently born in North Dakota??? How did he end up in Texas? Apparently he lived in poverty and dropped out of school. He apparently lost his job just over a month ago. Why hasn’t the Media pushed out stories on this kid’s whole life? You know that if he was a Middle Class Kid of European descent we would have his whole life story and then we would be told that he was a White Supremacist. Obviously, Salvador Ramos doesn’t support the Liberal Media narrative.

Guns aren’t the Problem! A “Declining Society” offering no hope to these kids is the problem. When these kids snap, they head to “Gun Free Zones”. If there were armed Teachers this probably would have turned out differently. We used to have religious institutions that identified and helped trouble kids, but now we rely on Government and that isn’t working out very well. Is It?