18 Children, 1 Adult Murdered in an Uvalde Texas Elementary – Updated


Salvador Ramos, age 18, shot and killed 18 children, and 2 adults in Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Ramos is also dead. There are about 13 injured in local hospitals.

Screenshot via Breaking 911

The story is updated since Gov. Abbott gave his report. Texas Senator Roland Gutierrez just confirmed to CNN that 18 children and 1 adult was killed in the shooting. The Senator says the shooter’s grandmother is still alive but in critical condition.

The story is developing and information might change.

Ramos was allegedly a murder suspect and there was a bolo on his truck. That isn’t confirmed. Early reports also said he was in the country illegally and was pursued by Border Patrol at the time of the crime. That was misinformation. It turns out a CBP source told Bill Melugin that a Border Patrol agent was injured by gunfire while responding to the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School. Border Patrol was NOT involved in any pursuit in relation to this incident, despite rumors to the contrary.

Other reports say he shot his grandmother before he went to the school.

Almost immediately, the anti-gun left talked about gun control. We don’t even know the details yet.


Earlier Report:

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