15,000 Communist Antifa, BLM Are Being Cheered, Called “Counterprotesters”, in Boston


Antifa burning the free speech sign.

In Boston today, there are about 15,000 communists, socialists and leftist anarchists, marching without a permit, and a tiny group, reportedly three dozen free speech people rallying with a permit in Boston Commons. The media is calling the free speech protesters alt-right but there’s no evidence they are.

Bringing monuments and history into this debate has become tragic because this is not about statues. It’s about leftists trying to tear our country down. The confederate statues weren’t an issue when Obama was in office.

KKK, supremacists and Nazis were told to not attend the rally by the organizers.

Some Antifa, who are carrying vulgar signs, are hiding their faces with masks. Their purpose is to silence the people standing up for free speech at a legal rally though they claim it’s to fight racism and white supremacists. They are however, “largely peaceful”. The free speech was over by 1:30pm EST.

They are starting to turn on police and isolated free speech protesters.

The communists and other leftists, including Antifa and BLM [Black Lives Matter] are being called “counter protesters” by the media and the free speech supporters are being called “supremacists”.

Many Antifa and Black Lives Matter [BLM]were bussed in together.

The left and the left-wing media, ginning up violence and hate in general, are characterizing everyone on the right as a supremacist while calling the leftists “counter protesters” fighting hate.

Love the communist fist.

The violent leftists are somewhat under control, chanting “make racists afraid again” and “who defends the Nazis? Trump defends the Nazis!”

The Antifa are looking for trouble however, check out the videos.

The Boston police chief said that they are worried about the leftists and have undercover officers in the crowds monitoring.

The Boston Free Speech Coalition says it’s invited “libertarians, conservatives, traditionalists, classical liberals, (Donald) Trump supporters or anyone else who enjoys their right to free speech” to rally.

The one controversial speaker, invited by a blogger, is Kyle Chapman, who became a meme known as ‘Based Stickman’ for hitting an Antifa over the head with a stick. It was at a very dangerous and violent rally where Antifa had pepper sprayed an elderly man. According to Smoking Gun, Chapman, 41, is a criminal and a Trump supporter.

That’s odd since most criminals are Democrats.

More commie fists

As a result of Chapman being invited, and as a result of Charlottesville, all right-leaning Americans and the President are being labeled anti-Semites and racists.

All the violent communists, socialists and leftist anarchists, the media’s “counter protesters”,  are the Democrat Party’s Brown Shirts.

The leftists are trying to bully and threaten the right-wingers at the free speech rally.

Organizers of the Boston Free Speech Rally, including Fitchburg State University senior film major John Medlar, stressed that the intention of the event was to “maintain that every individual is entitled to their freedom of speech and defend that basic human right.”

In a Facebook post, the group added that it would not be “offering our platform to racism or bigotry” and has repeatedly disavowed any connection with the Charlottesville, Virginia, protesters.

Andrew, a 29-year-old who has lived in Boston for two years, said he came out to support his constitutional rights. He declined to give his last name, as many demonstrators have at such rallies, generally for fear of being identified and harassed by the other side.

“This event is about love, not hate,” he said, sporting a shirt depicting President Donald Trump’s face, American flag sunglasses and holding a rainbow flag. “I think we get a bad rep. We want to include all ideologies, it’s a diverse movement.”

Ron Villareale came dressed as a vintage soldier for the free speech rally. He said the violence in Charlottesville has “nothing to do with Boston, it was a thousand miles away,” the HuffPo reported.

Violent Antifa communists are being cheered.

Antifa uses the same flag that was used by the paramilitary branch of the 1932 German Communist Party.

Where are the Republican politicians NOT standing up against Antifa and Black Lives Matter? The only Republicans speaking out seem to be for Antifa.

The Antifa are vulgar.

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