158 Million Immigrants Want to Come to the Country Democrats Hate


In a worldwide survey, Gallup found that 15 percent of the world, or 758 million, want to move to another country, most for jobs. The open borders has been a major source of encouragement for mass migration.

Of that number, 158 million want to move to the United States.

But, but, how can this be, America’s a terrible place full of racists, just ask a Democrat. They hate America and the half who think it’s a great non-racist place.

All of these legitimate immigrants will have a tough time getting in because illegal aliens and their endlessly extended families are taking their place.

If we are so popular, why are we taking in criminals and, in some cases, deadbeats via illegal crossings, visa jumping, and fake asylum claims? We should pick the cream of the crop while we can.


The far-far-left union in Chicago’s schools have found a new way to encourage more illegal immigration. They went on strike until the school district agreed to open a sanctuary school at taxpayer expense.

More than 500 teachers walked out of 15 schools associated with Acero Schools, one of Chicago’s largest charter school networks at the behest of the Chicago Teachers’ Union.

There were other demands but among them was a sanctuary school policy that would protect illegal immigrant children and families from deportation.

Sanctuaries of all types have been woven into the fabric of our nation thanks to the communists and socialists in the Democratic Party. This is more of the far-far-left forcing open borders on the United States. We could have the best immigrants, instead we go for people who break our laws.

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