16 Dem States, Radical Greenies Sue USPS for Buying Gas Delivery Trucks


Democrats indirectly attack our energy sector by suing the post office for buying gas-powered trucks.

A coalition of 16 Democratic state attorneys general and several environmental groups sued the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) on Thursday. They alleged that the agency cut corners to justify its purchase of gas vehicles.

There are two lawsuits alleging that their environmental analyses fell short. The USPS new vehicle plan also fell short, according to the lawsuits.

Far-left Earthjustice led one lawsuit. They were joined by fellow green groups CleanAirNow KC, the Sierra Club and the Center for Biological Diversity.

This is taxpayer money being used to sue an agency that will use taxpayer money to fight it.

“The Postal Service conducted a robust and thorough review and fully complied with all of our obligations under [National Environmental Policy Act],” USPS spokesperson Kim Frum told the Daily Caller News Foundation in an email.

“The Postal Service is fully committed to the inclusion of electric vehicles as a significant part of our delivery fleet even though the investment will cost more than an internal combustion engine vehicle,” she added.

In February, the Biden administration sent a series of scathing letters to the USPS, arguing that the vehicle replacement program was a lost opportunity and that the agency could be faced with congressional or federal court intervention if the plan wasn’t reconsidered. But the USPS doubled down on the plan shortly after the letters, saying it was working to electrify its fleet “as quickly as resources and infrastructure will allow.”

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10 months ago

Electric Cars are creating a Waste Hazard Time Bomb. Less than 50% of a Lithium Battery can be recycled while 99% of a Lead Acid Battery can be recycled. The problem the Environmentalist Cult is trying to replace the Petroleum Vehicle with Electric Vehicles instead of supplementing the Petroleum Vehicles with Electric Vehicles.

It is possible to build a Lead Acid Battery Powered Commuter Vehicle with a 60 to 100 mile range. I would consider buying a two-seater, something the size of a Chevy Spark or Bolt, if it did get at least 60 miles to a charge (overnight), cost in the range of $15,000, and used Lead Acid Batteries. A Lead Acid battery car would weigh a bit lot more, a 20Kw/h Lithium would weigh around 300 pound while a 20Kw/h Led acid would weigh around 1100 pounds. They say Lead Acid Batteries won’t last as long, but I’ve actually tested 30 y/o Industrial batteries that still met original manufactured capacity, so properly done with good Battery Management lead acid batteries could last as long as Lithium. I’ve seen golf carts with 12 y/o batteries in them and running like new.

The truth is that the Petroleum Vehicle still has significant advantages over the EV and will for at least the next 25 to 50 years without Government Interference. In looking for a cheap commuter vehicle for my daughter to basically just go from home to school and do shopping on the weekend, For short trips, the Chevy Spark gets 38 MPG. Too bad you can’t use E-85. I’d go with the Petroleum powered Spark over the Bolt, though the Nissan Versa is still in the running as my top choice since it’s more of a traditional sedan. From an overall cost and environmental standpoint the Petroleum Vehicle is still clearly the better deal so the USPS spent their (our) money wisely.

10 months ago

If they don’t want gas-powered trucks delivering their mail, just don’t deliver their mail. Make them pick it up by going to the post office in their electric toy cars or on their bicycles, or make them walk there in their biodegradable sandals.

Why are they getting snail-mail anyway? Don’t they know how many trees they’re killing by using paper?

10 months ago

I believe sticking with petroleum fueled vehicles was a pure economic one. Battery operated vehicles cost more to purchase and maintain. If you want to help China’s economy buy battery operated cars. One should check the total life cycle cost of battery operated cars. Lithium must be processed in China even if mined in the US. Cobalt comes from central Africa that uses a lot of child slave labor. The extra copper must be mined and processed. Charging stations require increased electrical infrastructure. For a homeowner that could be over $5,000 dollars, for the USPS it will be much higher. Electrical transformers come from China also. I expect the overall carbon footprint for battery operated vehicles exceeds that of gasoline powered ones.
What do you do with and electric vehicle when the lights go out?

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
10 months ago

Am I wrong or was not the USPS anti-Trump and helping democrats in the 2020 election?

was there not some shady things going on with bags of ballots that may have helped Biden win?

They must regret it now.