Mn Bureaucrats Want Noncitizen Police and Banned ‘White Supremacists’


The Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) is trying to allow noncitizens to become licensed police officers. At the same time, they want to prohibit people who engage with undefined “hate” groups on social media from entering the force, Law reports.

These changes were approved by the board by a large margin and are awaiting review from the revisor.

California is trying to do the same thing, but at least elected officials are making the decision. Minnesota’s ‘law’ is being decided by a group of unelected political appointees.

Also, they aren’t limiting it to permanent residents. Minnesota will allow anyone here illegally.

What they are doing is making citizenship irrelevant.


The board also voted to affirm a rule change that would allow the state to revoke the licenses of officers who participate “in any form in the activities of a white supremacist; hate or extremist group.”

They define nothing.

According to the proposed changes, support for a white supremacist hate group can be demonstrated by “engagement in cyber or social media posts, chats, [or] forums” that promote derogatory actions against protected minorities or “seditious activities.”

“Cyber presence” in a hate group’s “events” is also cause for license revocation, according to the board.

“Seditious activities” are not defined. What it means to have a “cyber presence” is not defined.

The changes also propose that officers caught making extremist “hand signs” should be punished, an apparent allusion to a broad and long-running conspiracy that police who make the OK hand gesture are telegraphing their adherence to extremist right-wing ideologies.

That’s insane.

Some members of the advisory committee want terms defined.

They also questioned why white supremacist groups need to be specified, pointing out how the terms “hate and extremist groups cover white supremacist groups.”

Obviously, this could be easily weaponized against religious people for one group.

One board member, Justin Terrell accused so-called white supremacists of killing people during the George Floyd riots. It’s totally untrue but truth and evidence no longer matters.

“White supremacist organizations … have blood on their hands from throughout the uprising,” he said, perpetuating a theory that white supremacists kickstarted the violence that wracked Minneapolis during the summer of 2020.

When did the Left get so crazy? I voted only Democrat for years but Democrats are nuts now.

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