16 GOP Governors Ask Biden to Reinstate Vaccine Waivers for Truckers


The vaccine mandates for cross-border truckers, who are isolated in their trucks, began in the United States. Figurehead President Biden contacted Justin Trudeau and asked him to institute the mandate for Canada’s truckers. He also called again and asked Trudeau to use all his power to address the trucker protest.

Sixteen Republican governors asked Joe Biden to reinstate vaccine waivers for truckers. The premiers of two Canadian provinces joined in with the request.

In a letter released by the office of Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, a signatory, the state and provincial leaders said exemptions to the requirement should be reinstated for the sake of both countries’ economies.

“The timing of your decision to terminate the vaccine and quarantine exemptions could not have been worse, as North America already faces grave supply chain constraints,” the letter addressed to US President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

“These constraints, combined with increasing inflation, place significant burdens on the residents of Canada and the United States.”

All 16 US governors who signed are members of the opposition Republican Party. They were joined by Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, who has endorsed the truckers’ convoy.

There’s no due process for truckers, no rights at all. Clearly, the administrations of both countries are not following the science and there is no need for these harsh mandates. However, Trudeau just extended the quarantine in January, doubling down on crazy as Omicron fades away.

Meanwhile, Canadians no longer trust the banks as banks seize crowdfunded donations and private accounts. That’s fascism, of course.

The President of El Salvador had something to say about all this:


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